Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Beetle Bailey Kasich Takes The Silver Medal!

Kasich gets a second chance. He comes in second in the New Hampshire primary.

If being in second place is a "win", then John Kasich got it. The Ohio Republican governor who spent a majority of his time in New Hampshire paid off. I mean coming in second is "huge" for the inept governor.

The New Hampshire primaries were a bitter one for the establishment candidates. Marco Rubio was leading in the polls. He took a nosedive when Chris Christie back slapped him. Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush on the other hand can proudly say that taking third place keeps them still viable in this race.

Kasich on his part said that if he failed at winning this state, he would exit the race.

It was a big disappointing for Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. The New Jersey governor and former Florida governor was jockeying for the second place.

Donald Trump easily won the state. This will be the controversial business/media mogul's first win.

So that means that if Ted Cruz won Iowa, Donald Trump won New Hampshire, who will win South Carolina?

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders beat down Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Clinton won the state in 2008. This time around she didn't capture a victory here.

What does that mean for the Democrats if she continues to struggle throughout the primaries?

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