Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pity Party At Gilmore's!

Pathetic Republican candidate Jim Gilmore bows out.

Never had a chance.

The little engine that couldn't...!

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore has officially dropped out the Republican race. Like anyone would have noticed. So it seems now that there's six in the race.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson remain. It's a matter of time before the field narrows down even more.

If you're looking for candidates that scored below the zero, turn to Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum and Gilmore. I almost had to contain myself from laughing and busting a gut.

Gilmore is a dork just like Santorum but he's just as pathetic. He reminds me of that Zippy comic strip. Ziggy is a colorful and positive character. Gilmore is just an awful piece of shit who should just crawl back under a rock.

Gilmore is a perennial candidate for president and senate. He thought the media would give him a chance.

Nope. He's gotten less media recognition than most of the underlings who ran for the nomination.
Jim Gilmore reminds me of the Tom Wilson's Ziggy comic strip.
Gilmore lost to Andy Martin. Martin is a notorious vexatious lawyer who generates the Obama's a Muslim nonsense. He's a failed perennial candidate who should be sent to the crazy house instead of the iron college. Martin is a notorious birther who is questioning "Canadian" Cruz and Rubio's birth.

Martin is also going after Carson and Trump for being agents for the Israeli government.

Gilmore only got 20 votes in the New Hampshire primary and Martin managed to get 25 votes.

For all those Bernie Sanders supporters who believe he's gotten a blackout, listen to the junk food media giving him his fair share of coverage. Matter of fact, he's gotten more coverage than Ben "Papa Smurf" Carson so far this month.

And in other news, Jim Webb isn't going to run as an independent. Webb failed to win Democratic support. The former Virginia senator was hoping to move the party back to the middle.

He's refuses to endorse Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I wouldn't be surprised that Jimbo Webbs endorses Beetle Bailey John Kasich or MC Marco Rubio instead of the Democrats.

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