Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Brother Shot The Pastor!

Dayton pastor shot and killed at church
Dayton pastor was gunned down during services.

Tragedy in Dayton, Ohio. A pastor of a local church was gunned down by his own brother. The Dayton Police and FBI are investigating the suspect and trying to pen a motive.

Of course, we obviously assume it was a domestic violence dispute but given the mass shootings in the United States, I have to conclude any event that involves firearms as an act of terrorism.

This terrorist Daniel Schooler murdered his brother Pastor William Schooler at Sunday service today.

Dayton pastor shot and killed at church
Terrorist held in lockup on capital murder.
The St. Peter's Missionary Baptist Church was the site of the fatal shooting. The church is on the southwestern tip of Dayton in the Highview Hills neighborhood.

The family of the victim knew that this terrorist had mental issues. They believe that terrorist had a feud with his brother. Willaim Schooler was shot at point blank range at his private office.

Schooler was a former Dayton Public Schools Board of Education member.

Friend and fellow community leader Ronnie Moreland, director of government affairs for the Community Progress Institute, said Schooler was the current president of the Baptist Ministers Union in Dayton. “He had deep roots in the community,” Moreland said. “He was a beloved leader. It’s hard to put into words what has happened.”

The terrorist had run-ins with the law. Most of the issues included drug abuse and firearms.

The terrorist was arrested without incident at the scene by Dayton Police and taken to the Montgomery County lockup. Detectives plan to meet with Montgomery County prosecutors in the coming days to discuss formal charges.

This could carry the PILL KILL (DEATH SENTENCE).

The terrorist is innocent until proven guilty.

The Blame Game......Obviously we know where I'm going with this!

Who deserves the blame in the death of an Ohio Pastor?
Barack Obama
The Shooter
None Of These Above

World News Today send our condolences to the family of William Schooler.

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