Monday, January 04, 2016

Brown Down!

Not me.

Chris Brown once again under the spotlight for the negative things. He is being investigated in Las Vegas for an alleged aggravated assault of a fan. The fan claims that she tried to catch him in a private moment and his bodyguards personally came up to her and grabbed the phone. Chris Brown took the phone and gave her a knuckle hp.

Brown and his management team deny that ever happened.

Brown says that she's a crazy bitch....ask Jason Derulo!

TMZ is reporting that the alleged victim Liziane Gutierrez went after entertainers after they spurn her.

The embattled entertainer is doing community control for a nickel post Rihanna. He's been granted shared custody of his daughter from Nia Guzman.

He may lose the custody rights if they charge him with aggravated assault.

Brown released the collaboration album Fan of a Fan (with Tyga), a mixtape Before The Party and his album Royalty (dedication to his daughter by the same name) last year.

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