Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Law Nabs The "Pretty Face" Car Jacker!

Georgia teen and her underage boyfriend took the ride of their lives. They just happened to use her mother's cash to get there. The law placed the cuffs on her and gave her public shaming and sympathies. All while ignoring the fact she was unrepentant criminal.

Will the junk food media call this teen a thug?


They'll give this young teen and her accomplice a glowing profile and make it a story about her being a troubled teen and not an unrepentant criminal.

This teen Ivie Jane Adams is facing some serious heat. The charges alone could carry her a few years in the iron college if they decide to charge her as an adult.

Adams and her boyfriend traveled through Georgia, Alabama and Florida breaking into vehicles and stealing property. They even geeked her mom of her properties. They were said to have stolen credit cards, jewelry.

She and the boyfriend (a minor) were hitting it up in Jacksonville. They found another ride in the city and taken it across the panhandle. The couple ended up busted in Dothan, Alabama.

She's being shipped back to suburban Atlanta for a court hearing.

Now that her name was released to the junk food media, people are already seeing the "cuteness" factor in this. She was a good girl and she never got in trouble.

Blah, blah, blah.....!

There's other privileged and pampered Americans who believe themselves to be above the law.

Ethan Couch, Sarah Furay and Martin Shkreli are notorious for being pampered criminals. Don't forget the Bush family too. There's a handful of family members who used their connections to get away with criminal misbehaving.

Adams is innocent until proven guilty.

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