Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shock Jock Got Lockup For Knuckle Up!

Arrested: Anthony Cumia posed for a police mugshot following a dispute with his girlfriend in Long Island, New York
Shock jock Anthony Cumia got a night in lockup after he knuckled up a woman.

You may have heard of the infamous shock jock who was fired out the cannon from SiriusXM a few years back. The shock jock was a co-host on a nationally syndicated radio program out of New York.

They were one of the most listened radio programs on SiriusXM. It was called the Opie & Anthony radio show. The radio show was on for nearly 20 years.

When Anthony Cumia was fired out the cannon after making racial slurs about a Black woman he got into a confrontation in Times Square. He called her.......(insert racial slur, sexual reference and Obama drop).

The executives at SiriusXM warned Cumia to shut it down and apologize. He said, "Fuck y'all, freedom of speech!". So they said, "Your ass is gone!"

Racist rant: The 54-year-old Cumia was fired by satellite radio company SiriusXM last year after he called a black woman a 'c***' and an 'animal b****'after claiming she punched him in the face as he took photos in Times Square.
Cumia was even more pissed at Opie and Jim Norton for not backing him up. They haven't spoken since and they are feuding.

Anthony Cumia and Gregg "Opie" Hughes were considered too nasty for radio.

They were once called the most dangerous voices outside of Howard Stern.

Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Jerry Springer, Mancow, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Bubba the Love Sponge often singled out for controversy. They have often pushed the bar on hot topics.

And it seems like old habits can't stop some.

Dani Golightly
Call her bluff.
Cumia is back in the news. But only for his own misfortunes outside the studio.

He was busted on Saturday for knuckling up on a woman who was staying in his New York home.

The 26-year old victim went to social media to plead for help. Cumia was apparently drunk and disorderly during the whole ordeal. The victim showed her broken hand on social media.

Cumia was trying to be "playful".

The woman uploaded part of the confrontation to Periscope, and after calling the cops, Cumia was taken into custody and charged with strangulation, criminal mischief, unlawful imprisonment and assault.

Me thinks, the victim could have been a paid escort.

Cumia later pled not guilty to the charges against him.

"Mr. Cumia emphatically denies the allegations brought against him, and is optimistic that when the truth comes out, he will be exonerated," Cumia's attorney, Alan Schwartz.

Think if this was felonious kidnapping. That charge could carry up to 20 years in the iron college.

Will the junk food media label Cumia a "sexual predator" or a "thug" for doing this act?

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