Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Feds Search For A Loot Stooge!

Someone pulled a b-move on a security company. The feds are searching for a suspect who managed to walk off with $500,000. The suspect came in without a weapon and not a scratch on him.

The feds are looking for the suspect involved in the robbery of an armored truck outside a Detroit casino. The suspect allegedly wore the same gear that the driver was wearing.

The robbery happened in the Greektown neighborhood. The Greektown Casino is located smack dead in the area.

The security guard who operated the truck is certainly going to be fired out the cannon. He will be under federal watch until they can prove that he wasn't an inside man.

The guard said that he was ordered to open the armored truck. The suspect grab the loot and disappeared. The law said that the suspect didn't appear to have a getaway ride in the area.

The truck wasn't supposed to be at the casino. There wasn't a scheduled pickup or drop off.

The suspect got away with over $500K.

I seriously doubt the suspect traveled across the Detroit River to escape the feds. The city of Detroit borders the U.S.-Canadian border.
Loomis will be doing some changes to the policies.
The suspect is described as a black male wearing a Loomis Armored security guard shirt.

A source familiar with the case said the security guard of the armored vehicle thought the thief was a coworker because he was wearing a uniform shirt.

FBI media spokeswoman Jill Washburn said the FBI is investigating, but she declined further comment, citing agency policy.

Something doesn't smell right! To me it smells like an inside job!

Don't you need a badge before you approach an armored truck?

Second don't you have to fill out paper work?

Did the security guard call his supervisor?

Since there was no delivery or pickup, why did the security guard come to the Greektown Casino?

The feds are getting to the bottom of this. That requires the surveillance cameras around the facility, the streets and local businesses.

Somehow you can't just take $500K and not be noticed!

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