Sunday, November 08, 2015

G.I. NO!

It all falls down. The Fox Lake officer Joe Gliniewicz commits suicide. He leaves behind a trail of unbecoming conduct as an officer.

The junk food media was covering the death of a Fox Lake officer. They believed that the officer was killed by three unknown assailants. The conservative agitators automatically singled out #BlackLivesMatter for the death. 

The FBI and Illinois state police concluded that Charles Joseph Gliniewicz committed suicide.

He crafted a perfect scheme says the Feds.

Gliniewicz who many referred to as "Joe or G.I. Joe" wasn't this hero cop the junk food media portrayed him as. He was a corrupt lawman. He was considered by his fellow lawmen as a conniving and detrimental jackass.

He was involved in an alleged affair with an acquaintance's wife. He threatened to kill a local politico. He embezzled from charity. He was reckless around his firearms and the booze bottle.

Under the Freedom of Information act, they retrieved nearly 300 pages of documentation from Gliniewicz.
The feds are looking into Gliniewicz's wife and son.
A 2009 letter from Gliniewicz's fellow officers to the village mayor included bullet points of his wrongdoing - some allegedly criminal - including:

-Suspensions for an inappropriate sexual relationship with a subordinate
-Sexual harassment of a dispatcher
-Grabbing women's breasts at department Christmas parties
-Carousing in bars while on duty with women other than his wife
-Use of his squad car for family vacations

Even though his fellow officers said they could "no longer stand by and watch Lt. Gliniewicz violate the rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and state statute, and remain silent," nothing was done.

All of this was known to Fox Lake officials when Gliniewicz was given a hero's funeral and known early on by investigators looking into his death.

While the file doesn't include references to the money laundering case that authorities say prompted Gliniewicz's suicide, what was readily available about Gliniewicz painted a picture of a deeply troubled man who had a tremendously flawed career.

The mayor of Fox Lake says while Gliniewicz "had some flaws, he also did a lot of good" during nearly 30 years as a village police officer, and that early on they all believed there was a cop killer on the loose.

Officials with the task force that investigated the case maintain they didn't knowingly allow Gliniewicz's hero-narrative to march on because they believed from day one that he had been murdered.

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