Monday, November 16, 2015

Obama: A Lot Of Big Talk From A Whole Lot Of Little Men!

I've heard that Republican governors want to block access to refugees because of the Paris attacks.

They believe that the federal government will not do proper vetting of those seeking refuge from the civil war in Syria.

They claim that terrorists could infiltrate fleeing refugees seeking asylum. The president said that the United States is willing to accept 10,000 Syrians to seek asylum.

The president gets annoyed by the quarterbacking from his critics. The Republicans once again blame the president for the Paris attacks. They believe that he's not taking the threat of terrorism seriously.

He won't even say the "radical Islam". It's the new phrase used in the word vomit drinking game.

The Republicans and their conservative agitators offer no real solution on how to combat terrorism.

The only answer to the problem, attack President Barack Obama and his allies for not saying "radical Islam" and not recognizing the threat.

When Republicans can prove they're tough on terrorism, come and see me!
President Barack Obama said that critics love "pop off" with their opinions about the U.S. campaign against the Islamic State without offering real ideas to combat the threat.

He says they should present a specific plan. And if his critics think their advisers are smarter than Obama's, the president says, "I want to meet them."

Obama says his sole interest is in keeping the American people safe. He says he's not interested in doing what works politically or will make him or America look tough.

Some Republican presidential candidates have called on Obama to send U.S. ground troops into Syria. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have said that any U.S. assistance to Middle Eastern refugees should focus primarily on Christians fleeing persecution.

Ben Carson recently said he had information on China's involvement in Syria. Obama officials said they had no evidence of that. Carson expressed surprise that "my sources are better than theirs."

Now clearly, Republicans have no room to talk. The worst disaster to happen on American soil happened under a Republican president.

Mind you that Republicans now taken this nationalist stance against immigrants. They seriously ignore the principles of America being a "welcoming place". Donald Trump believes that we should eliminate Islamic mosques in the United States. Carson claims that "radical Islam" is the new Nazis. Cruz wants to say that Obama throws Israel and Christians under the bus.

These clowns are scared of the Muslims.

Most Muslims condemn this senseless violence.

A repetitive pattern of the Republicans and their conservative allies.

When Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.

When the Black community demands police reform and body cameras, Republicans claim that they're not focused on Black-on-whatever crime. They claim that protesting against injustice is liberal indoctrination and professional race-baiters. The Republicans believe that Black Lives Matter embraces cop killing.

When you talk about comprehensive immigration reform, they call it amnesty. They don't want to grant hardworking immigrants the opportunity to be American citizens. In their minds, if they pass this monumental Civil Rights bill, the Democrats get the credit.

Republicans are just as radical as the terrorists. They want to meddle in the lives of women by cutting funds to Planned Parenthood.

They want to eliminate birthright citizenship. They want to put undocumented immigrants into federal time out. They want to pass this Kate Steinle law to punish small time undocumented criminals.
A lot of smoke but no fire.
They want to repeal Obamacare despite the Supreme Court ruling it constitutional.

They want to repeal Dodd-Frank and let the financial market crash again.

They want to build a huge border fence on the U.S.-Mexican border ignoring the U.S.-Canadian border being loose.

They want to let the TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline flow through the Midwest with dirty tar sand oil they'll export to East Asia.

They want to pass religious freedom laws that discriminate against Muslims, the LGBT community non-Christian residents.

Gun crime happens everyday in the United States. They can't figure out what is the worst event to exploit. When the victim's families call for gun control and more accountability towards gun ownership, Republicans stand in the way with ridiculous hypotheticals. They will says that the victim's families are exploiting their member's death for a gun grab.

They continue to cry about the the junk food media being liberal despite being Republican candidates getting more attention than the Democrats.

The Republican Party fucking sucks. They make stupid look smart.

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