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What Happened To Corey Jones?

Mayo: Corey Jones shooting shows the answer isn't more guns
Corey Jones was a gifted drummer. On a late night, his vehicle broke down. He waited for a tow truck. He would never make it home. According to the law, he had an altercation with a plain clothes officer. The officer shot him six times.

If it wasn't for DeRay McKesson, Bree Newsome and Shaun White, you wouldn't hear about the story of a Florida man who was gunned down by an undercover police officer.

This undercover police officer would put slugs in the man. His superiors confirmed that the undercover police officer in an unmarked vehicle didn't flash a badge. But they also said that the victim pointed a gun at the officer.

The victim had no criminal record. He had a conceal carry permit. He carried the permit in case he may have been robbed of his properties. A legal Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in his vehicle without prosecution. The prosecution for have legal right to carry, death.

His name was Corey Jones. A 31 year old, brother, grandson, nephew, musician and child of God.

Corey was a popular church drummer who a concealed carry permit holder. In Florida, you have a legal right to have a firearm with a permit.

The Jones family disputes that Corey would have pulled his gun on an officer, had he known it was an officer. "I raised my children … to respect law," said Clinton Jones, Sr. a reverend.

Jones "would not ever, ever, ever" pull a gun on a police officer, according to Clinton Jones Jr., who called his brother "the happiest person ever."

All we can go by according to the law, the officer fired for his safety. The officer thought he saw a threat when he exited his unmarked cruiser.

Now the Florida state attorney and the U.S. Department of Justice are involved in this.

The family of the victim hired Benjamin Crump. The high profile attorney involved in Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown has gotten involved in this.
The officer who shot Corey is in the freezer.
"Are people going to come and support Corey's right to have his gun and protect himself?" Crump asked.

A crowd of several hundred on Thursday converged outside the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department to present a "rally for answers." While there was frustration about the Jones shooting, the crowd largely kept positive with a mix of numerous church verses recited and songs.

Corey was broken down on Interstate 95 exit ramp near PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens. It was a dark night and Corey was concerned about his safety. He had just got off the phone with his brother.

During a period between 2:45 and 3:30 am, the undercover officer approached his vehicle.

The undercover officer who wore jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap. The officer Palm Beach Gardens Police Officer Nouman Raja approached Corey.

There was no dash camera or flashing lights.
Corey Jones's family speaks out. They demand answers to why he was killed by a plain clothes officer.
There was an altercation and six shots. Corey was killed on sight. Now the officer is in the freezer pending a grand jury decision on whether to indict him. Raja hired a lawyer and also got his police union backing him up. The union will try to defend the actions of Raja.

If this become a national story, guess what happens! The junk food media will cover it and then the partisan agitators will debate it. Then we will have concern trolls try to justify the officer's call.

And here we go again, the conservative agitators and concern trolls blame President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter for Black on _______  crime. 

While with Ferguson and Baltimore erupted in violence in reaction to Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, the family stated that they want peace. The family is clearly upset over this. They understand that people are upset over this. They don't want people to use this a rally call for racially motivated violence.

His brother Clinton Jones Jr. on Thursday sought to temper any racial implications in the shooting, saying he and his brother "don't see color."

"All lives matter," Jones Jr. said, adding that he meant "no disrespect" to the Black Lives Matter movement. "This is not a black thing."

His grandfather Rev. Sylvester Banks Sr., Jones' grandfather and a pastor at Bible Church of God in Boynton Beach. He offered the most prolific speech of the day.
Cory had no criminal history.
He told the crowd that he taught Jones to obey and respect the law as one of his 14 children. If the officer was found to have used excessive force, he urged police to disclose that information. "If you try and hide a corrupt person, you become corrupt," he said.

His message to police locally and internationally was to rid themselves of "bad apples."

Something tells me that Corey and his family were Black Republicans. Where's the outrage from the likes of that annoying conservative agitator?

Did you know we had a handful of gun crimes in the United States this week. Some managed to get national attention. Others were reported on the local news. The most notable was the death of a little girl. She was shot by a deranged driver in a road rage incident in Albuquerque.

Also we had a members of law enforcement shot this week. Three.

One officer in New York City.

One officer in Albuquerque.

One officer in rural Arkansas.

This week President Barack Obama was asked about Black Lives Matter. He said that the meaning of Black Lives Matter isn't solely focused on Black lives. He told a group of people at the Marshall Forum that the activists have legitimate concerns.

The Black Lives Matter activists have always said that "ALL LIVES MATTER." Their message is basically bring attention to racial disparities between Blacks and the law.

President Barack Obama dismissed the chatter from the likes of that asshole Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke.

"So let me just suggest this: I think everybody understands all lives matter. Everybody wants strong, effective law enforcement. Everybody wants their kids to be safe when they're walking to school. Nobody wants to see police officers who are doing their job fairly hurt. Everybody understand it's a dangerous job," said the president.

"I think the that reason that the organizers used the phrase "black lives matter" was not because they were suggesting nobody else's life matters. Rather, what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African-American community that's not happening in other communities. And that is a legitimate issue that we've got to address." he added.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Corey Jones, Albuquerque officer Daniel Webster, NYPD officer Randolph Holder, and Illiana "Lilly" Rose Garcia. We also send our condolences to the nameless victims of gun violence.

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