Sunday, October 04, 2015

Secret Service Was Caught Putting An Insurgent Lawmaker's Business Out There!

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Insurgent Rep. Jason Chaffetz ordered an investigation into misconduct by the U.S. Secret Service. Some members snooped on him.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is an insurgent lawmaker. He announced his run for Speaker of the House. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) already blew it when he appeared on that annoying conservative agitator's program saying that the Benghazi committee was deliberately destroying Hillary Clinton's bid for president.

Chaffetz is a relatively annoying insurgent lawmaker who thinks the "government is too big".

Yet, Chaffetz gets a paycheck from this "big government". Chaffetz wants to be elected on this cutting government agencies and Planned Parenthood.

Chaffetz is the type of lawmaker who is obsessed with cutting agencies. Remember this is the lawmaker who openly bragged about cutting the State Department's budget. The budget that led to lack of security at embassies and consulates. That led to the Benghazi tragedy. That led to the blame game against President Barack Obama, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Clinton.

The U.S. Secret Service was going to put the lawmaker's business out there. Joe Clancy, head of the Secret Service has formally apologized to the lawmaker.

The Secret Service put out some embarrassing stuff about the insurgent lawmaker. The lawmaker was none too happy about it. He wants some heads to roll.

Homeland Security released a report recently stating some disgruntled Secret Service members were searching up Chaffetz's files. He once tried to become an agent.

CNN reports that Director Joe Clancy said in a statement he was first aware of the "speculative rumor" of members of his agency discussing Chaffetz's records on March 25. Previously, Clancy said he first heard about the information from the media April 1.

Clancy said when he first heard the information it was "not credible and was not attributed to a source of information or indicative of any action."

An investigation released Wednesday by the Department of Homeland Security found that a top official at the agency encouraged colleagues via email to release records on Chaffetz contained "some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out."

The Daily Beast shortly thereafter reported that Chaffetz had been rejected in 2003 by the agency he now oversees as a committee chairman.

Clancy said he didn't learn until later that Secret Service employees had accessed the private records of Chaffetz, and leaked that he applied unsuccessfully for a job at the agency.

"I feel it is extremely important to be as accurate as possible regarding my knowledge of this matter and I have personally spoken to Chairman Chaffetz to advise him of the additional information that I provided to the Inspector General," Clancy said.

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