Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Obama Mentions Gun Crime In Chicago And Conservatives Are Tone Deaf!

President Barack Obama endorses the reelection of  Rahm Emmanuel for mayor of Chicago. Emmanuel faces mounting criticism over gun violence in the the city. The president has mentioned gun violence in his hometown. Republicans and conservative agitators are tone deaf.

How come Obama mentions gun crimes all over the place but ignores Chicago?

Does Haydia Pendleton ring a bell?

Well in 2013, the young Chicago girl was a part of her school's marching band. She was attending the second inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Two weeks later, she was murdered by ricochet fire in Chicago. Her death made the news. The president even mentioned her in his State of The Union Address. Outgoing Weeper of the House, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), rolled his eyes when the president mentioned her name and the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

I can tell you that Chicago has seen a decline in homicide by guns but the problem still exist.

There's even a website that tracks the homicide by firearms. It's called HeyJackass and it's a controversial tale of Chicago's gun violence.

Many of the concern trolls are balking at the president's tougher stance on gun control in the wake of the Umpqua Community College massacre. The president said the time is now to "politicize" this.

He wants gun control and I am definitely for it. Too many innocent lives are lost to senseless gun violence.

This stupid argument about a "good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun" is getting old.

The gun nuts are playing deflection bingo. They're trying to find ways to distract the American public from discussing the possibility of gun control.

The inept Congress, the NRA, the insurgents running in the clown car and agitators are trying to say that the issue isn't about guns. It's about mental illness and the president is "rushing to judgement" over a tragedy.
Yes, the Black community and Black Lives Matter talk about gun violence in Chicago.
Well this has been nearly 20 times and it's not getting any better. I swear on my life, if Obama didn't mention this tragedy, the conservative agitators would say he doesn't care about them. Their bitching about the Chattanooga shooting. When the president didn't react fast enough to the tragedy they were bitching about him not supporting the troops. He didn't lower the American flags in the wake of four military officers being slain by a deranged man. He took heat for that. The agitators solely focused on the terrorist's religion and race than the fact he had access to firearms and had mental issues.

When the Charleston massacre happened, the conservatives deflected from the fact this terrorist's race, access to firearms and political views. They initially thought the terrorist didn't have conservative views. They thought it was a whack job. They hoped it was a Muslim. Then when the terrorist admits it was about race, the agitators were quick to blame the president for making this about race. The agitators went as far to blame the president for advocating this terrorist because of the Obama's reactions to Michael Brown and Freddie Gray.
Nearly 400 shootings in Chicago this year.
Every time president mentions gun tragedies the conservative agitators turn this narrative about Chicago's gun violence. They act like they're concerned about gun violence.

Let's begin with that Loudmouth Bill Cunningham. The Cincinnati-based conservative agitator has a radio program during the AM middays and Sunday nights. Cunningham is often loud and obnoxious towards the president. He puts on this  "concern troll" act about gun violence in Chicago. He claims the president doesn't talk about Chicago. The pathetic conservative agitator has a syndicated talk show on The CW.

We can include them fucking Black shitkickers Jesse Lee Peterson, Deneen Borelli and Kevin Jackson to the list of deflectors. I've heard these crazy ass coons rambling about the president not mentioning Chicago. They called the president a "racist" for talking about issues like Ferguson and Baltimore.

When you travel about 200 miles to Milwaukee, you'll find the tin horn cop David Clarke. The controversial sheriff of Milwaukee County is one of the umpteenth Black conservatives who rose to fame blasting the president. He runs this "what about my city, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc."

And each of those mentioned appeared on that network's primetime lineup. They appear mostly on that annoying conservative agitator's right wing carnival.

How many more will take before Congress actually gets the message?

Gun crime is the number one threat facing Americans. Gun crime is a bigger threat than terrorism, Ebola, measles, Iran and Russia.

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