Thursday, October 01, 2015

Fox Trolls Ahmed!

Ahmed Mohamed gets trolled by that right wing news channel.

Rapper Nas released the single Sly Fox almost ten years ago. It was a single that aimed at the right wing network for deliberately picking fights for ratings. He said that the network is mindless trash.

It seems like that network continues to push the mindless trash. 

That network decides to make it a mission to destroy the Irving, Texas teen who was arrested for making a clock his teachers thought was a bomb. The teen was arrested and then released. The reason why it got so much attention, the teen was a practicing Muslim.

Ahmed Mohamed became an overnight celebrity after the picture of his arrest went viral. An outpouring of support came across the country. The president, Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, Apple and Harvard all threw their support to Ahmed.

This guy claims Ahmed was a troublemaker
Everything was looking good for Ahmed. 

That's until that network decided to look into it. Right out the gate, they invite conservative internet troll C.J. Pearson on.

The teen became famous for ripping President Barack Obama for not loving America. He came on to whine about how the president jump to conclusions about Ahmed.

They bring on the infamous former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman. This is the detective who was found in contempt of court for perjury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Fuhrman uttered racial slurs about suspects during his time as a lawman.

Fuhrman's ignorance was on full display.

That network even invited the Republican mayor of Irving on to denounce the publicity, the president and Ahmed for causing her city to cast in a negative light.

Beth Van Duyne put in her city charter that Shir'a Law is prohibited in her city. She gave Glenn Beck the opportunity to grow The Blaze in her town.

Now they get a story from the Dallas Morning News, quote a former teacher and run with this narrative that Ahmed was "ALWAYS" a trouble maker. Allegedly, “a family friend says it came from blowing soap bubbles in the bathroom.”

Going against the grain, those three nut bags (Steve Doocy, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Kilmeade) were running this story about some pedophile looking teacher saying that Ahmed was a "weird" kid who blew bubbles in the bathroom.

This guy above is Ralph Kubiak: Ahmed’s seventh-grade history teacher and fellow outsider.

He's the guy who claims that Ahmed was a “a weird little kid” and described him as “one of those kids that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang.”
The ever shameless agitators.
This is coming from a guy who looks like a pedophile who molest boys. Funny stuff. This is what that network brings on to attack Ahmed.

What the network left out was the teen being bullied by fellow peers. He was picked on for being a Muslim. Every invention he managed to share with his class, the teachers would often marvel at it.

But there were some in the Irving Independent School District who watch that network and saw the Islamic State march along a path with tennis shoes and AR-15 rifles. Then that annoying conservative agitator telling the viewers that Obama said the extremists were the "JV team".

The network would run stories about the beheading of White or Christians victims alongside the president on vacation. Then the network would put on bigots who believe Muslims have privileges like prayer rugs and dismissal from school cause of religion. That network would give Islamophobes like Frank Gaffney  Bridget Gabriel and Pam Geller airtime to denounce Muslims and supporters of Palestine. The network would host pseudo-analysis like Ralph Peters, David Hunt and Steve Emerson on to boldly say that Muslims are being radicalized and sneaking into the country from the Mexican border.

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