Sunday, October 25, 2015

Drudge Goes After Hillary Clinton's Age!

The conservative Craiglist decides to go after the age of Clinton. The conservative agitator Matt Drudge thought wishing Hillary Clinton a 68th birthday was a goodwill gesture.


It's a part of the distractions that you see in politics. This agitator finds an issue that tarnishes the image of a candidate and runs with it. Repeat this narrative until a sponge soaks it up. The sponge will word vomit this in a comment section.

Concern trolls will say well you guys on the left were going after Ronald Reagan and John McCain for age. For one thing, I admit I did enjoy John McCain for his silliness. The unintended photo of McCain sticking his tongue out after he made a mistake exiting the debate stage was a goldmine.

That was comedy.... Many saw that as a sign of age and temperament.

When Clinton aced the Congressional select committee hearing on Benghazi, she made Republicans look foolish. Now Republicans and their conservative allies are trying to save grace. The junk food media and the public wants to move past Benghazi. Republicans aren't done with it.

Like with Obamacare and Planned Parenthood, the insurgent Republicans are still stuck on stupid.

They get their "facts" from a website that looks like an advertising website. It's pathetic that people would believe things off the internet.
Drudging the stories again.
I seriously believe that once again, the old fart Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity (aka that annoying conservative agitator), Alex Jones and Matt Drudge will once again hand the election to the Democrats.

This is the type of stuff isn't productive to the country.

I seriously believe that they profit off President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Without someone to attack, these agitators would be considered irrelevant. No one should believe the stuff that comes out of their mouths. They were the ones who delivered two successful elections to Obama.

When has the conservative Craigslist ever had any "bombshell" stories?

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