Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bye Done!

Vice President Joe Biden announces he's staying out the race. 

Looks like the junk food media was hoping that he would enter the race for the Democratic nomination, but it seems like Vice President Joe Biden will head back to Delaware for a life of retirement.

He wants to focus on helping President Barack Obama get his agenda accomplished. Biden was still focused on the death of his oldest son Beau.

He announced today that he's not running. Conservatives are so shattered over this.

They wanted Biden to take away votes from Hillary Clinton.

Clinton who regaining the lead in polls is now confident she'll become the Democratic nominee.

She and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are so far the only candidates in the race doing better then Martin O'Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Larry Lessig.

Jim Webb was the first to drop out the race. His performance at the first Democratic debate was bad.

Now he's bitching about the system. He considering running as an independent.

The New York Times really needs to load Maureen Dowd in the cannon and fire her out! Dowd is such a distraction. She got it wrong again! The rumor mill started when she reported that on Beau's dying bed, he urged his father to run. He said that he wanted to keep the Clintons out the White House.

A few of the agitators got wind of comments by Biden which hinted a run. And of course, the line where he said that "Republicans aren't our enemy" remark.

When Clinton spoke at the debate about her biggest threat to governance being Republicans, Biden shot back saying that Republicans deserve respect. He refers to Republicans as opposition. The opposition that the president will have to work with.

Biden ending his bid for president put an end to months of frothy speculation in the press, in which a seemingly endless supply of anonymous "friends," confidants," "advisers," "sources," and "Democrats" told the junk food media that he was likely getting in the race.

Did you know that Mediaite ranked her and that annoying conservative agitator as some of the worst commentators in the junk food media?

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