Thursday, October 08, 2015

A "Good Gal" With A Gun Tries To Stop A "Bad Guy" Minus The Gun!

The good guy with a gun argument was thrown out the window when a woman took a theft situation into her own hands.

Auburn Hills, Michigan police are determining whether a woman may face charges for intervening in a shoplifting at a Detroit-area Home Depot. She observed the loss prevention detective try to stop two shoplifters from exiting the store. She has a concealed carry license.

When the shoplifter and his getaway driver got into their vehicle, the woman pulled out her piece and shot at the tires. The shoplifters weren't armed and they didn't hurt anyone in their theft of products.

They took off with over $1,000 worth of power tools. They're still at large.

Gun training experts say that if you're not in immediate danger, its recommended that you don't use a firearm in the public. The purpose of being a concealed carry holder is to be concealed until it's proven that a threat has occurred and the need to use a firearm is necessary.
Woman using a conceal carry purse.
“It’s my worst nightmare as a [concealed pistol license] instructor,” Doreen Hankins told the Detroit Free Press. “You have to know the entire situation before you pull that handgun out. And I don’t see that a shoplifter at Home Depot fills any of those criteria.”

Hankins and other firearms instructors told the newspaper that concealed weapon license holders should only pull their guns if someone is in imminent danger of death or serious injury, including a sexual assault. Those who draw their pieces too quickly and frivolously fire at people can face serious felony charges, from the reckless use of a firearm to assault.

All three instructors agreed the woman had overreacted.

“In that situation personally, there’s no way I would be shooting my gun,” Dawn Martin, another instructor, told the Free Press.

“None of it makes sense,” Hankins said. “Even if it were law enforcement, they wouldn’t do that.”

“You are not a police officer,” she added, referring to concealed gun license holders. “You are not a person out there protecting the public at large.”

Yet, that is how Americans increasingly see things.

Since the 2012 Newtown, Conn., massacre of 26 people, including 20 school children, the percentage of Americans who think gun ownership could “protect people from becoming victims of crime” has gone up by nine points, according to a 2014 Pew Research Poll.

All units are clear of the Home Depot. The business remained open during the incident as the incident was isolated to...
Posted by Auburn Hills Police Department on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Many in law enforcement recommend that you don't intervene in a theft situation.

The shoplifters could have been armed.

A spokesman for the Auburn Hills Police Department told The Post that police had met with prosecutors on Wednesday to discuss the issue, but had not yet announced a decision.

Even some Second Amendment enthusiasts conceded that the woman had made concealed-carry permit holders look bad, although they argued she was an exception that should be dealt with as such.

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