Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dearborn Cop Insults Woman For Having HIV!

Dearborn police doing damage control after one of the officer screwed up.

Dearborn Police had to owe up to a woman. After a routine pull over in the Detroit suburb, the officer was disrespectful to the motorist. She didn't have a license and held a medical marijuana license.

She was being treated for the HIV virus. The officer freaked out when he searched her vehicle for contraband.

She was cited for driving without a license. It got worse when she was insulted by the officer who felt it was his duty to shame her about her health status.

The Raw Story reports Shalandra Jones, who sued after a Dearborn, Michigan, police officer asked if she had HIV, has settled with the city for $40,000, the city and her attorney announced Tuesday.

Jones was in a car that was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in January 2014 and questioned by police officer David Lacey for having marijuana in the car, as first reported by the Detroit Free Press. Jones had a medical marijuana card as part of her HIV treatment, though the card had expired at the time of the incident.
Detroit area woman sues Dearborn Police for harassment.
The police officer asked if either the driver or Jones had any diseases while searching through Jones’s purse. Her companion said Jones has HIV. “She’s got earrings and shit I’m touching, and I don’t want to get anything,” Lacey said on a video recorded by his dash camera. “That might be something you want to tell a cop,” he said to the driver. Lacey then compared Jones to “drug addicts” who use needles to inject drugs.

Of course, if you're not affiliated with the criminal behavior, you can tell an officer not to search your vehicle or reveal your status unless given by a court order.

The deadly disease isn't gone. HIV cases have actually grown in the past three years. It's mostly due to the heroin epidemic and denial of the disease.

HIV is spread through sexual contact, sharing needles and breastmilk to children. Blood transfusions are limited. HIV if left untreated can become AIDS. HIV is not a death sentence. HIV cannot be cured but it can be treated. You can live a healthy life with the disease.

HIV is spread through anal, vagina and oral contact. Oral sex is oftentimes looked as null. But if not rarely, a person can catch contact from a person carrying if the person has blood or semen infected with the disease.

It's a dangerous disease that I hope I never get. I usually get tested every six months because like most men, we're sexually active. I normally wear condoms whenever I have sex with a woman. Often times, I've been reckless.

Many of the victims of HIV are usually unaware of the disease. Some practice in unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Some may share hypodermic needles without properly cleaning them.

Some are aware of the disease and they don't care. They rather punish others for their failures. Those who do that are often associated with the stroll and they're willing to put your life and their life at risk for contact.

These are the ones who carry the disease. These are the ones who may end up getting me and you!

World News Today wishes Shalandra Jones well on her journey.

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