Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CNN Deliberately Trying To Make Republicans Fight!

CNN is a total mess. Just like its rival, the cable agitators see $$$$$$$ in the insurgents.

CNN is in Simi Valley at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for the second Republican debate.

The 11 candidates and 4 minor leaguers had an opportunity to duke it out. And in the first five minutes of both debates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came up in topic.

Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Rand Paul already gotten into it.

CNN deliberately trying to get Republicans to fight Trump.

I'm not a fan of Trump. But what CNN and the establishment is trying to create is these immature fights for ratings. Not much was talked about on stage other than "I think I'm so much better than Obama.... Clinton.... Bush and I can be like Reagan".

I'm pretty damn sure that me and many others see this CNN debate as a fucking joke.

Republicans are supposed to be talking about real issues. Not petty name calling.

I know they hate President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats.

The Republicans are falling into the trap. They're too predictable. With them being predictable it becomes a weakness.

I don't want to watch bitching. I want to hear serious issues.

John Kasich may have save this train wreck by pointing out the deliberate tactics conducted by CNN to get them to fight one another. Kasich was rational but a tad bit boring and uninspiring.

This post will be updated throughout the debate. I will go ahead and give insight to this train wreck.

It was a clusterfuck of time. Three hours of partisan bitching. All of them mentioned Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ronald Reagan by name.
Fiorina won the debate.
Trump got the most talk time and was the most mentioned by name after Obama and Clinton. I am certain that the night wasn't his best. Trump's lead may cap. I'm certain that he will see a drop in the polls. This debate was focused on the rise of Fiorina. We'll see in the coming weeks if the debate damaged Trump's lead.

Walker got little time and not enough time to debate his issues. Walker seemed unprepared for this debate. He faced off with Trump. Trump knocked Walker for causing the state of Wisconsin to be in debt. Walker wanted to deflect the hard truth about his budget. He managed to use the same old strategy of attacking Hillary Clinton and Trump for using Democratic "talking points".

Bush got some time and is still struggling to recapture his lead. Bush defended the brother's "keep us safe" narrative. Okay, Bush, what about September 11, 2001 and August 29, 2005. Them events didn't keep us safe. Bush stumbled on the talking point about Trump taking property for his casinos. Trump knocked Bush, Christie and Fiorina for being failed leaders in business and government. No mention of Terri Schivo or Bush's role in the "stand your ground" law.

Christie got some talk time. He interrupted the most in this debate. Got the best applause lines. Of course, Christie blasted Obama for failed leadership. No mention of the president's handling during Hurricane Sandy in which Christie said that government did right. Christie wanted to make the focus on the people "suffering" under Obama's economic policies. He also wanted to take the spotlight off the candidates accomplishments. He told the viewers that their accomplishment don't mean shit. He wants to be the candidate that watches Americans achieve accomplishments and not failure.

Fiorina is the likely winner but will that matter in the polls? If the polls matter Carson and Trump could cap their leads. Trump's controversial "her face" managed to get into the debate. The candidate got an opportunity to respond to his comments. She didn't go hard on him, but she did address the fact that women are struggling for greatness and her role in this race is to make everyone succeed. Trump didn't apologize or make any snide comments at her. All he done was basically praise her for her beauty and the opportunity to be on stage with him.

Paul got little talk time. Got nailed by Trump on falling polls. Trump also knocked the candidates for all being in the pocket of special interest. Paul did mention the failed leadership in Iraq. Although he is in support of military action against the Islamic State, Paul failed to explain how his policies would be able to cap the drama over in Syria. All the candidates fault Obama for withdrawing from Iraq. Depsite the Iraqis wanting the U.S. out of their country, the candidates claim that even though Iraq was a mistake. They believe Obama's early withdraw cause the "vacuum" of "radical Islam" to retake Iraq.

Huckabee got little talk time. He said that Kentucky's state ban on marriage should have stand. He said that Kim Davis should have not been put in the county lockup. Huckabee was stern on the religious freedom. He believes that there's a double standard. Convicted mass murder Nidal Hassan was allowed to have a beard when he faced his military tribunal. He lumped a military officer to an elected politician in his argument. The Republicans couldn't agree on religious freedom. Kasich and Bush both argued with Huckabee. Davis was wrong they said. Cruz had an opportunity to defend her as well.

Rubio got the least talk time. He didn't get much time to explain his foreign policy when it comes to Iran, Cuba and Mexico. These issues were a must for Rubio. Since he's got nothing to lose, he is often floated as a potential vice presidential candidate. He's still a novice on domestic policies.

Carson got some talk time. Spared foreign policy question.

Cruz got little talk time but had the most aggressive response to policies. Cruz knocked Supreme Court chief John Roberts. He believed that Chief Justice Roberts was "immorally" wrong on Obamacare. He also said that Bush and his father Bush, Sr. were caving to political pressure in nominating moderate or liberal justices.

Kasich got little talk time and was combative with CNN agitators.

Okay the debate was covered by the news agitators and they all agree that Carly Fiorina won the debate. I agree as well. The candidates didn't have ample time to debate real serious issues.

Also the debate on a woman being on a $10 bill. Kasich and Bush picked foreign. Bush picked Margret Thatcher. Kasich picked Mother Teresa. Fiorina said no woman should be on a bill. Carson and Huckabee picked family over politicians. Trump, Cruz and Rubio said Rosa Parks. Cruz wanted to put Parks on $20 because he denounced the Andrew Jackson legacy. Walker pulls Red Cross founder Clara Barton. Christie picked Abigail Adams.

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CaptainK said...

Why did the GOP allow CNN to ask such stupid school kid questions like he said this about you.....etc. Why is CNN allowed to make personal attacks on the GOP candidates under the guise of a response to something someone else has said?

Why is it of a NATIONAL interest if the CNN moderator is allowed to say something like "Mr. Kasich says Trump's hair looks like a dead squirrel, how do you respond to that Mr. Trump? Or. "Mr. Trump has said "Look at that face!, what would you like to say Ms. Fiorina?" WHY IS CNN ALLOWED TO DO THIS? GROW UP CNN.......BOYCOTT CNN

Doesn't the GOP have enough sense to ONLY agree to this debate on CNN if the questions are available (sensored and kept on national issues) for review BEFORE the debate?

Why let CNN make the whole party look like FOOLS. I am beginning to think less of the intelligence of the GOP.


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