Sunday, August 09, 2015

Two Trump Cards Blast Megyn Kelly!

Trump blames Chief Roger for the set up question. He vows to not quit.

It was all good until that question came out....

Now the Donald has fired campaign advisor Roger Stone and is making a play for GOP Sundays to defend his statements about a certain conservative agitator who supposed to be a straight shooter.

Some conservatives go to the defense of Donald Trump. The conservative Craigslist is running the now viral video of two Black women go all bitch on Megyn The Outrage Princess.

Donald Trump is facing heat for comments about sexism. These two women went right into the controversial debate. The network that probably gonna call these two Black women "pinheads" ran with this set up question.

Of course this question goes back to the former host of the Apprentice saying some nasty words about Rosie O'Donnell back a decade ago. O'Donnell who joined The View in 2006 to 2007 and briefly returned in 2014 to 2015 was in a feud with Trump.

O'Donnell mocked the business mogul on his reaction to give a contender for Miss America a second chance after embarrassing herself in the junk food media. O'Donnell blasted him hard. Trump hit her harder and this feud has been on since.

Republicans are feuding with one another over the Trump effect. The controversial business and media mogul is leading in the polls. Many of the agitators have said that "he's done" but the polls say otherwise.

To make this clear, the conservatives are fighting with one another. 

Donald Trump is tapping into this anger and is using it to his advantage.

On that note, here's a few other goodies that the conservative Craigslist left for the racist right to click on. I mean without "race stories" how would Matt Drudge stay relevant?

Your thoughts on the matter?

Clearly, Trump is a front runner and it's causing a huge concern for both Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans are more concerned that they could face a thumping if they force Trump into a spoiler bid. I mean it's hard to determine how this controversy helped or hurt Trump. But since he's the "it" candidate in the clown car, many Republicans are fearing that his impact will destroy their chances.

Matter of fact, you heard from Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina. They had an opinion on the matter.

Trump responded back and hit them hard. When responding to Jake Tapper, Trump said.

"Carly Fiorina.  OK, give me a break.  She's got - she's got zero chance," he said.
Jake Tapper asked why did he believe so many conservative commentators are saying that they don't believe your explanation?

Trump fired back. "Because they want to be politically correct. They want to get points.
I'm leading in the polls by a fortune.  They wouldn't - by a tremendous margin.  They wouldn't have had - do you think they would have had 24 million people watching that show if I wasn't on?  If I wasn't on that show, Jake, in all fairness - and I say it in all due modesty - you would have had two million people, not 24 million people.  And you can ask any expert about it.  But 24 million people was not there to watch Carly Fiorina or Jeb Bush, that - or Lindsey Graham, who, by the way, has zero in the polls.  I mean, he's been my biggest critic, and he has zero in the poll and, by the way, came to me asking for campaign contributions and everything else.  People don't say that.  Perry of Texas, he started attacking me quite viciously, and he went down in the polls,"

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