Monday, August 03, 2015

Third Rail!

The word on the street, the Veep might run for the White House. Vice President Joe Biden is thinking about running.

Speculation is strong for a third run says some washed up columnist. The Vice President of the United States could be signaling another perennial bid for his boss's office.

Vice President Joe Biden is currently debating whether he can join the race.

If he joins the race there will be six candidates in the blue clown car. There are currently 17 candidates in the red clown car.

Former Virginia governor and perennial candidate Jim Gilmore decided to run again.

Now the network that inspires potential extremists is hosting a Republican political debate in Cleveland. The 17 clowns are trying to bonk one another. The second-tier bitched about not getting noticed in the media. The network gave them an opportunity to duke it out without the fanfare.

They will have their debate at 5pm and then the big clowns including Donald Trump will have theirs at 9pm. How interesting that reality television and business mogul managed to become the lead in.

While Hillary Clinton is still the clear leader. The concern trolls are trying to muddy her up so she can't face the potential clown in the Republican race.

She would clearly beat every candidate in the Republican clown car. But to the concern trolls, she's falling fast. The migraines believe that Hillary's emails are destroying her chances.

They've tried this stuff with Martin O'Malley. He's just a blip in the race. Same with Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee. They are not even getting media attention . So they watched Bernie Sanders run and gave him the media attention. He hasn't cracked the bar. So now, here's Joe.

Maureen Dowd is running her mouth through a keyboard. She made the claim that a bedside Beau Biden told his father to make another play for the White House.

Now Vice President Joe Biden is 72 years old. He is currently the president in the Six Power talks. He's been a big player in the U.S. Senate. While he's not getting much attention in the junk food media, his ratings are relatively modest. By him not being mentioned in the news and the death of his son, he's rose to 50% job approval. He and his boss President Barack Obama are comfortably in the high 40s in job approval.

He's behind the scenes trying to stop the Republican fear factor. The fear is this Iranian nuclear deal. The world supports it. Only Republicans, a few spineless Democrats and religious extremists hate the idea.

Perennial candidates are failed experiments. They gain traction only to be slaughtered in the primaries and general election.

John McCain, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney didn't get the message. They learned the hard way. It's just plain fact. The world hates them.

So when you hear about Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and Jim Gilmore running again, you shake your head! Let them know that if you couldn't beat Barack Obama, what makes you think you can win?

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