Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jared Owes Up!

Television personality Jared Fogle heading to federal time out!

Okay the partisan are now trying to say that the Subway Guy is........!

We all agree that he's a washed up celebrity and now avowed sexual predator. He got the label after he admitted to harboring child porn and having sexual encounters with minors.

The former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle just got the hammer, the nails and the board.

The celebrity now admits to having affairs with 14 young minors (girls and boys). He was ordered to pay up $1.4 million in restitution to each victim. That is the highest amount ever awarded to a victim of a sexual assault.

Jared lost his wife. This will be his second divorce. His wife Katie announced that it's over and she's taking the boys and the house. Out of the $20 million, Jared made, Katie will take what's left.

Jared lost his "black card" for Subway. He was fired out the cannon and the fast food giant scrubbed everything twice. No mentions of Jared. All Subway ads featuring him are removed.

Jared must register as a sexual offender for LIFE. He will head to federal time out in the coming weeks. It's concluded that a federal time out will last for five to 15 years. Under a plea deal, I am guessing at least five at the minimum.

Jared will have monitored counseling and restricted access to digital devices. Right now he is out on his own recognizance. He lost his passport. He can't travel without approval. He had his electronics with internet access and firearms seized. He's probably on suicide watch.

The partisans want to tie him to President Barack Obama and then president George W. Bush.

It's not Obama or Bush's fault for Jared's behavior. They were shocked as many others! It's a good thing that Loretta Lynch and the U.S. Justice Department were on this. He would have gotten away with it. Matter of fact, he would still be doing it regardless of what ounce of remorse he claims he has towards his victims. He now has remorse now that he's gotten caught by the law.

Who took him down was a former friend who tips the feds with creepy stories of Jared bagging him some fresh.

Rochelle Herman-Walrond couldn’t believe what the world-famous Subway spokesman was telling her.

Herman-Walrond, a former journalist in Florida, became acquaintances with Jared Fogle – then a popular pitchman after his dramatic weight loss on the “Subway Diet” – about 10 years ago. The so-called Subway Guy regularly traveled for events and promotions related to healthy living.

But during one of Fogle’s trips to Florida, she says, Fogle spoke to her about his sexual inclinations, his attraction to minors.

Herman-Walrond reported the conversation to authorities.

Herman-Walrond says additional conversations with Fogle followed over the course of four years, as she served as an informant, wearing a wire.

“He would tell me the ages he was interested, boy or girl,” she told ABC News. “He indicated the fact that he has done it before and told me in gross detail what transpired.”

While the FBI has not confirmed Herman-Walrond’s account, court documents mention that witnesses in Florida, Georgia and Washington recorded conversations with Fogle regarding his desire to engage in sex acts with minors.

I am just shocked.

Matter of fact, I'm not surprised.

I guess the meaning of "Eat Fresh" means going for the young girls and boys.

The end of a career for a man who started off as a hero to so many people bullied by weight. Now the weight of celebrity drove him to commit acts of sexual offenses to the very people he tried to inspire.

Damn what the neighbors do!

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