Thursday, August 13, 2015

High Rise!

Blame the BP Chicago refinery for spike in gas prices in Midwest.

A refinery in the Chicagoland has the Midwest seeing gas prices rises up to $3.00 a gallon.

Somewhere in Northeastern Indiana is a major BP oil refinery. That refinery shut down due to some issues that couldn't be determined. And since Monday many in the Midwest from Minneapolis to Cleveland saw the spike up.

In early August the average price in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio was at $2.299 a gallon. On Monday afternoon it spiked to $2.599 and now its currently at $2.999 a gallon.

Cities affected by the spike include the five largest cities in the Midwest: Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, and St. Louis.

See the Chicago market affects million of people. It's Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Eastern Missouri.

No true answer to why there was a spike but it's guaranteed that's it will linger around at least past Labor Day.

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