Friday, August 21, 2015

GOP Wants To Pull The Anchor On Children!

Conservatives are supporting the repeal of the 14th Amendment which gives any child born here automatic citizenship.

Clarification: I want you to know that many people in American Samoa want to be U.S. citizens.

They are considered U.S. nationals. They are required to have passports to enter the United States.

They have to use special privileges to enter the country. They are not considered foreign citizens but are treated as such. There are residents from American Samoa who serve in the military.

Unfortunately, they get no citizenship or veteran assistance without filling out their papers.

People who are born in Puerto Rico aren't immigrants. They are U.S. Citizens. The territory is semi-autonomous. It's considered a commonwealth with organized status with the United States. The main language spoken by residents is Spanish.

94% of the Puerto Ricans speak Spanish. Some people consider Puerto Ricans immigrants. That's not the case. They are American citizens. The territory is a commonwealth. It's a semi-autonomous territory that is in political union with the United States.
Concern trolling.
Okay, the immigration issue came front and center after The Donald bitched about illegals coming to the country. He rose in the polls after six incidents of criminal behavior by undocumented workers.

Republicans are following The Donald. Jeb Bush slid to the fifth or sixth place in recent polls. He is desperate to knock Donald Trump out the lead.

The Donald is a clear front runner in this race and yet many still look at this as a sideshow.

Trump's reaction to calling children born of illegal immigrants "anchor babies" became the newest de jour of conservative outrage.

Conservatives are happy that Trump is saying these things. According to the conservatives, they're tired of trying to be "politically correct" and being called "racist". They don't want to be silenced anymore about their bigotry or utter ignorance.

There are calls for the repeal of the 14th Amendment. It contains the phrase of birthright citizenship.
Trump and Bush are fighting for the lead.
The Republicans are now on board for this. Instead of working on immigration reform, they continue to push the narrative that everyone who is illegal should get the fuck out the country.

Matter of fact, three of the candidates running in the clown car are children of immigrants.

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal's family is from India. He is a descendant of immigrants.

Marco Antonio Rubio 's family is from Cuba. He is a descendant of immigrants.

Rafael Edward  "Ted" Cruz's family is from Cuba. He was born in Calgary, Canada. But since his mother is an American born citizen who didn't claim residence in Canada, he is an American.

Republicans are in agreement that the United States-Mexico border needs to be secured. They figure that this is more important than infrastructure or jobs. They fault President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, immigrants, Blacks, Muslims, the gays, the non-religious, the poor, the needy, and independent women as the real reasons for the country's downfall.

Reince Priebus was trying to make the party more inclusive.

The insurgent candidates won't allow that to happen.

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