Friday, August 07, 2015

Chuck Schumer Supports War With Iran!

Got War?

Donald Trump is right about politicians. They're just too stupid to understand. But only in regards to being in the media offering nothing but talk and not action. GOP Sundays is often a place where Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) hang their hats at. But of course, we can't forget the two Democrats who seem to be in cameras too much. They offer nothing but the same bullshit that McCain and Graham serve up.

Two Democrats who often are featured on GOP Sundays are Senators Dick Durbin (R-IL) and Chuck Schumer (R-NY). They often have a counter balance to Republican opposition. But one decides to break from the norm. Schumer decided to go rogue. It's pissed off President Barack Obama and the anti-war left. Some are calling for a primary challenge to throw him out.

Well today, we can say that Chuck Schumer is siding with the Republicans on the Six Power talks.

Schumer will join Tom Cotton (R-AR), John Cornyn (R-TX) and the rest of the Republicans in opposing the Iranian nuclear deal.

What makes me angry is that these politicos are so fucked stupid. They actually believe that the people of Iran care about the United States. Yeah, there some who want this country to fall, but that's the very same folks who sound like conservatives in the junk food media.

Iranians live their lives in peace. The fear mongering of Republicans and their honorary member Chuck Schumer are willing to point missiles at 78 million people.

Benjamin Netanyahu got the nation souring on the deal. They believe that if they can say so much shit, people would question the deal.

The world approves of the deal. That means Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and the rest of the world is watching how this deal is being worked out. Regardless the United States leads this and they fear that if Republicans and spineless Democrats sink the deal, it paves the way for a nuclear armed Iran. Of course, it could bring the United States into another costly war.

Like those who chant death to America, you have agitators on the radio demanding the president fails. That old fart caught flack for saying that he wants Obama to fail. No different than those extremists who want the ax to fall on America and Israel. It's just words, not actions. I would ignore that shit.

Iran has a right to defend itself from any attack from any foreign nation. Israel is going to throw us into a proxy war with Iran.

Schumer's opposition makes me sick. He is in the pocket of the AIPAC lobbyist who are pushing for more sanctions.

So today, I will make this clear! If we elect Democrats who support war, demand them to send their children, grand children and great grand children to the battlefields. Fuck that I would demand that the Congress would head to areas where them innocent victims are brutalized by our weapons.

Fuck Chuck Schumer.

I don't care what this clown says, he done the people wrong. Just because he a coward for change.

Just like Tom Cotton, just a pussy with a gun.

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