Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cop: I'll F**king ______ That ________, And Make It Look Like ________!

Alabama cop Troy Middlebrooks (right) was caught on tape telling the suspect's family member that he would fuck that Nigger up and make it look it was self defense.

The U.S. Justice Department and Alabama authorities are digging through the crates. They are trying find evidence of a frame up by an officer who is currently in the freezer.

As I told you in the previous postings, the law can lie when they do a pull over, a citation, a search of your vehicle, an arrest, or use of deadly force. The blue wall of silence is similar to no snitching.

The law will protect their own if they've done wrong and those who see criminal activity rather stay out of it. Those who refuse to snitch are often key witnesses to a criminal act. They fear that the law will not help them regardless of the crime.

It's a dice game. You're rolling a chance being either a person in law enforcement or a person of color.

This officer makes me think that his department would gleefully allow a possible criminal act to occur in his precinct.

This officer was caught on tape saying some choice words about a suspect he arrested. He was telling a family member that he would set this NIGGER up. If he could, he would kill him and tell his superiors that the suspect tried to harm him.

Troy Middlebrooks is the officer who is in question. He was pissed over the suspect escaping a harsh drop. He was at a residence when he made his tirade about the suspect. Turns out that suspect's brother-in-law is a White guy with a camera phone. Middlebrook complains about how the system is rigged, Obama this, Obama that, Black people know.

Vincent Bias was arrested by this officer. He is a Black resident who was none too thrilled to hear his name being dropped in the recording.

This bombshell is covered by The Guardian.

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