Monday, May 04, 2015

Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Walks!

No justice for Rekia. Her murderer walks after he claims he thought he saw gang members drawing guns.

During the week of protest and the overblown media focus on the rioting in Baltimore, another sad chapter in America. In 2012, a young woman was gunned down by an off duty detective. The detective fired from his vehicle after he made the perception of Black criminal activity in progress.

Last week the cop who killed that innocent woman got his freedom.

Chicago district court let a killer cop walk.

Dante Servin, the cop who claim he was in fear of his life when he fired his Tommy gun on a group of young people.

The bullets flew right into the head of Rekia Boyd, a woman who was a bystander who with  a group of her friends. Servin who was off duty claimed that a man was pulling out a piece. Servin didn't notice the man was holding a cell phone.

The court found him "not guilty" in the involuntary manslaughter of Boyd. Many claim that the charges filed against Servin were foul. He should have been charged with murder.

Judge Dennis J. Porter in a rare directed verdict.

Porter's reasoning was that since the shooting was intentional, Servin could not be charged with recklessness. "It is intentional and the crime, if any there be, is first-degree murder," said Porter in his ruling. It has been suggested that state prosecutor Anita Alvarez may have deliberately undercharged Servin, knowing that the charges would be dropped, in order to curry favor with the police department.

Servin claimed he fired because someone in the group was holding a gun, but it was actually only a cellphone.

Witnesses said that Servin appeared drunk at the time of the incident.

This was overlooked by the junk food media. The media was scaring White folks with the pictures of Black folks looting liquor stores and CVS.

Servin would have faced 30 years in the iron college. He had a great police union lawyer a lot of excuses (i.e. Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago gangs, Black on Black crime, etc.) and the prosecutors in his corner.
The former Chicago detective Dante Servin shows no remorse for his actions.
Had it been a Black cop, he would be found guilty. Had it been an unarmed White woman, the cop would have been found guilty.

It's going to be unlikely that the Department of Justice finding that Servin violated the civil rights of Rekia.

When an unarmed suspect of color is killed by law enforcement, the Black community is outraged.

The racist right sees $$$$, click bait, victim blaming and concern trolling as their excuse to the Black community being outrage.

When I've heard the AM agitators say that Blacks aren't concerned about Black on Black crime, unwed parents and not point the fingers at the president, I shake my head.

Rev. Perm, Cut His Nuts Off Jackson, President Barack Obama and many civil rights leaders have often talked about the problems in the Black community. This is ignored or taken out of context by the AM agitators.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Rekia Boyd and all those who were killed in senseless tragedies in Chicago.

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