Friday, May 29, 2015

Conservatives All Of Sudden Became "Concerned" About Gun Control!

When it comes to gun control it's only a matter of it being for Black people. According to these concern trolling agitators, Baltimore's rise of gun violence is a major problem in America.

Is it about time for Americans bloggers to stop reading what a concern troll post?

If we feed the trolls, they become parasites. They latch on.

I am not trying to stop them from expressing their views. The things mentioned in the junk food media are passionate and extremely controversial. Some agree and others don't. It's a part of food chain when it comes to politics.

In the age of Obama, it's gotten worse. Race relations are on the decline. Blacks have a strong dislike towards Republicans. But also Democrats as well. The Democrats are not working hard enough for the Black vote. Although the Black vote is still a strong block for them, the Democrats haven't put up much of a fight since they've been driven back to the minority in Congress.
'Liberty Tax': White House, Media Attack After Drudge Pays Obamacare Opt-Out Penalty
Concern trolling is a part of the conservative manifesto.
The labeling of individuals is common among concern trolling. Conservatives hate being called racist. Liberals hate being called racist. They both hate being called elitists. They both hate being labeled but yet they label everyone in a group. 

I tend to hate conservatives a little more than liberals. I don't look at liberals as being the winning team. I actually believe that the middle is the best way to solve problems. Yeah, I am more socially liberal on issues but conservative when it comes to my finances and work ethic. 

I hate when conservatives want to bring up criminal behavior. They seem fixated on trying compare piss to shit. They seem only interested in pointing out "_______" criminal behavior. 

Conservatives all of sudden became pro-police in the wake of high profile killings of unarmed Black suspects. The rise of gun crimes happen in warmer months. 

Every day at least 400 people die of gun violence. At least 2000 people were shot by firearms.

If you actually know what really happens in America, look at the rise in gun crime. The junk food media reacts to mass shooters. Whenever a mass shooter plots a domestic attack on suburbia, the junk food media reacts.

Liberals hope its a White guy who has hatred for race, political standings, religious intolerance and a frequent listener to talk radio or viewer of Fox News.

Conservatives hope its either a Black guy or a Brown guy. They hope they can claim it's a liberal, Muslim, or racist. They can claim that it's Obama's fault for the shooting because the guy was of color.

Not one of them blame the shooter. Not one of them say that those with mental issues should have access to firearms. 

Not one mention of their names from any of these concern trolls. But yet, it's posted on The Drudge Report. 

And the links are pointed to hearsay. Someone who claims they know something but wasn't given legal right to is not credible. But yet, it's look upon as "TRUTH".

World News Today has an example of concern trolling from one who post comments on stories we've posted about police brutality and institutional racism in country. 

This person seems fixated on posting links to some website or YouTube to dispute the notion that conservatives are racist bigots.

Alas, in his mind he seriously believes that he's proving a point. Quite the opposite.

Check it. I've listened, read, and commented about four controversial agitators in the media. 

The Drudge Report is irrelevant. But still a money maker. Conservatives rely on the website to generate their talking points.

The Drudge Report helps motivate Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Colin Flaherty. They rely on this to paint the president and others as "enemies".

They are conservative agitators who spent a majority of their lives racking up $$$$ playing the roles of old grumpy men. 

Talk radio is a White man's best friend. Conservatives use talk radio to vent off about the Black guy getting a better job based on racial quotas. They call in to complain about the Mexican family being here in our country illegally. They got to the blogs to complain about radicalism. They finger Islam and the non-religious atheists as the radicals.

They complain about the poor having cell phones, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions and computers. They believe that they're living on the taxpayer's dollar. They complain about food stamps, welfare and entitlements. Nothing more than a drop in the bucket but to conservatives, it's like the world's on fire and they need their piss to put out the fire.

These agitators can't seem to stay focus on what's right in America. One minute they concern about their freedom of speech being silenced by the numerous boycotts against them. The next minute, they call for boycotts of those they believe should be silenced.

When it comes to racial issues. They're like tops. They spin and spin and spin. And most of the people who click, read, watch or listen to them are soaking this stuff up like sponges.

The Republican Party is taking their talking points from these agitators and Fox News. 

Fox News is the nation's most watched cable news channel. It is by far the most controversial network to ever exist. The network claims that the media is partisan. Yet, this network is pandering and evolving into the very thing its hates being called.

Most of the people on that network are extremely conservative. That network has given airtime to Matt Drudge (the founder of the The Drudge Report), Rush Limbaugh and Colin Flaherty.

Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren and others on that network spin hypothetical bullshit. These conservative agitators act like they're concerned but really they're not.

They relish in this method of repetitiveness. They won't let an issue go. If it makes President Barack Obama, the Black community and liberals look bad, they look good.

They are the masters of concern trolling.

See when the rise of gun crime happens in Urban America, these agitators are now concern about gun control. They rather see Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims lose their rights when it comes voting, firearms, entitlements, freedom of speech, right to a fair trial and economic opportunities.

The conservatives agitators believe that the freedom of speech, the right to bare arms and the right to a fair trial when it only applies to them. 

So now they're concern about gun crime.

Baltimore seen a rise in violence, the agitators automatically assume that cops aren't doing their jobs.

See what the Black community was complaining about?

If the cops be defenders of the community instead of enforcers, you wouldn't see such a disconnect.

Trust me, crime occurs in America. It doesn't discriminate.

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