Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anti-Islam Extremists Stalk Mosque In Arizona!

Last time I've checked, anyone being a proud Muslim American is form of patriotism. 

Pam Geller denies hosting this event, but she had her hand in it. Over in Phoenix, a group of armed White extremists were protesting against Islam.

You notice that the junk food media calls them protesters.

Why aren't they called terrorist?

They're terrorizing innocent Americans with threats and openly showing discrimination against a religion.

These extremists were greeting peaceful Muslim parishioners at The Islamic Community Center.

Jon Ritzheimer is a white extremist who sponsored the event. He wore the "fuck" Islam t-shirt. The cameras blocked the offensive shirt.
The mosque was the center of controversy when two men traveled to Texas in their failed attempt to assassinate Geller and those who were responsible for the "Draw Mohammad' contest. They were attendees at that mosque. They were killed by Garland police after they had a brief shoot out.

Jon Ritzheimer was the extremist who promote this. He wore a Fuck Islam shirt and carried an AR15 on his side.

Many others came to protest and use the hashtag #NotMyAmerica.

The junk food media talking on an on about the crisis in Iraq and Syria, and giving credence to a group of extremists overseas. The junk food media and the agitators give the Islamic State more props than al Qaeda.
White extremist shakes hands with counter-protester.
They are "concern trolling" yet again about the crisis over in Iraq. The agitators claim that President Barack Obama's rush to leaving Iraq led to the rise of the Islamic State and the Lavent.

The extremist group has shown on social media beheadings of Westerners Muslim and non-Muslim captives they've claimed as "spies". They have also pillaged destroyed historical artifacts and treasures.

The group is notorious for promoting itself on social media. The junk food media continues to give it attention.

Here in the United States, conservatives are concern trolling about how radical Islam has came into our borders. They seriously believe the Mexican government is willingly allowing a foreign terrorist organization to build a base camp a few miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Okay, who are the real radicals here in the United States?

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