Friday, April 03, 2015

Spring Backwards!

Since Republicans took full control of Congress, we've seen the beginning of a weaken economy. The president will continue to issue executive orders to get the ball rolling.

Well, we're in the first two months of a full Republican controlled Congress. Since they've taken control of Congress, we've expected that the job market was to start stalling. I am proven right.

The month of March netted less than 126,000 jobs giving this Spring quarter weak growth. That means the unemployment number will stall at 5.5%

Numerous factors come forth. Weather. 

We've experience a rough Winter in the month of March. Many of the factors according to the AP include a weakened U.S. economy. 

The Labor Department says the unemployment rate remained at 5.5 percent. Economic growth has been hammered this year by winter weather, factory slowdowns and lackluster construction activity. The manufacturing, construction and government sectors each shed workers, while hiring at restaurants plunged from February.

Job gains in February and January were revised down by 69,000.

Wage growth remains modest. Average hourly wages rose 7 cents to $24.86 an hour in March.

Past job growth along with cheaper gasoline has yet to significantly boost consumer spending. A continued deceleration in hiring could delay the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates mid-year.

This ends the longest streak of over 200,000 jobs.

See Republicans haven't passed legislation that offers incentives to businesses, a jobs bill,  a student loans bill and unemployment benefits. Things that the spineless Democrats were going to pass until they got fired out of the cannon.

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