Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ben Carson: That Devil Music Keeps Us Blacks Chained Up!

Ben Carson thinks hip-hop is the devil's music.

Okay, Dr. Ben Carson was on a R&B station talking to the host about his potential announcement to run for the Republican nomination. The clown stated that his intentions to run could happen in May.

But in the meantime, he wants to let The Blacks know that he's "one of us".

Like his good buddy, Stephen A. Smith said, "For once, 'US BLACK FOLKS' should vote for a Republican."

But for Carson, he's not even trying to win the young voters. He's pretty much trying to sell the idea of him running to the church going, anti-gay Black folks who voted for Obama but became disappointed when he stepped pass the Black church, and walked into the madrassa.

Attacking hip-hop music is probably not the smartest idea for a Black candidate running for political office.

It makes you sound like Dan Quayle, the former president who served with President George H.W. Bush during the early 1990s.

Quayle and Bush were fired out the cannon after Bill Clinton managed to win over Black folks.

Make sure you visit YouTube to see Clinton playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall.

 Mediaite reports that Dr. Ben Carson stopped by New York’s R&B radio station WBLS on Easter Sunday morning to share the news that he will announce his 2016 plans at the beginning of May. But while was there, the potential Republican candidate also made some comments about hip hop music that are likely to rub people, both in and out of the African-American community, the wrong way.

“We need to reestablish faith in our communities and the values and principles that got us through slavery, that got us through Jim Crow, and segregation, and all kinds of horrible things that were heaped upon us,” Carson said, according to Business Insider. “Why were we able to get through those? Because of our faith, because of our family, because of our values, and as we allow the hip hop community to destroy those things for us, and as we grasp onto what’s politically correct and not what is correct, we continue to deteriorate.”

The assertion that hip hop music stands in sharp opposition to “family values” received some pushback from the show’s host, who told Carson, “When you said ‘hip-hop,’ my antennae went up very quickly, because I said, ‘Wait a minute that sounds like an old argument that they used to make about rock ‘n’ roll/R&B back in the fifties.’ That’s what they used to say.”

In an attempt to better explain what he meant, Carson replied, “When I talk about the hip hop community, I’m talking about the aspect of modern society that pretty much dismisses anything that has to do with Jesus Christ, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Seriously, does he really want to go there?

Apparently, he does!

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