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Baltimore Riots And Partisans Blame!

And as usual whenever there's an issue going on in America, the partisan agitators continuously bring in the three keys to an agitated situation: race, crime, and social ills.

First and foremost, rioting is not a Black or White crime. It's a crime with no labels. There's no partisan in the uprising caused by disruptive behavior.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, we here at Journal de la Reyna view these situations of "racial" unrest as the latest example of how the junk food media marginalize an ongoing issue of police brutality in the Black community.

What angers me is that President Barack Obama, the civil rights leaders, the Black community are talking about Black crime, better relations with the law, the social ills and unequal treatment.

This doesn't suit the junk food media's narrative. The racist right ignores My Brother's Keeper Incentive and the speeches by the pinatas Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson.

Black crime is a gold mine for the junk food media. Ratings, click bait or agitation is considered $$$$ to the junk food media.

So when you hear the agitators on television, radio and the blogs blame Obama, Blacks leaders and the Democratic Party for society's ills, ignore them. Keep protesting and continue to boycott injustice.

We know that talk radio and the conservative blogs are racist. No need to explain to us what they're about.
Matthew Boyle, the racial agitator from Breitfart.

They sit in the comfort of their homes and are unaware of the events that lead to this.

No one wants to see their family member killed by law enforcement. Those in law enforcement are suppose to protect the communities they serve. No one is above the law.

The law can lie when they do a pull over, an issuing of a citation, an arrest, a search of your home, vehicle or properties. The law can lie when discharging their service weapon or use of force in restraining a suspect.

Some in law enforcement are good, hard working and willing to fight for their communities. There are some who look at criminals in the color lens and choose to be an enforcer instead of a protector.

The concern trolls and the racist ass clowns that follow the conservative Craigslist saw the images of protesters in Baltimore, and some rioters who toss trash cans into police cars.

This will assure talk on the AM dial, Loserville and online blogs.
Watch the hook.
This is what the racist right does. The isolated incidents of rioting near Camden Fields during a "Shut This Down" protest is now a BlackLivesMatter event.

The incidents happened during the home game for the Baltimore Orioles. The event crew asked people to stay in their seats until the incident ceased.

On Breitfart, the obvious:


This is Matthew Boyle's glowing headline from the link.

Like I've said before, you don't see glaring headlines: WAR ZONE LEXINGTON ERUPTS INTO VIOLENCE, CHAOS AS #UKWILDCATS RIOTS RAGE.

This year, the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky were defeated by Badgers of the University of Wisconsin in the NCAA-1 Finals and the college went into a riot. Lexington Police were dispatched to areas around the college town to contain the crowds. Property was destroyed, people were not seriously injured and it cost money for damages and police overtime.
This was near the Baltimore Orioles night game. Protesters vowed to interrupt the game. Some fans probably stroked tension by saying something racially insensitive towards protesters. That sparked a riot.
No mentions of Barack Obama, race or criminal behavior by the likes of Matthew Boyle and the conservative Craigslist.

The first chunk of this:

Racial protests supposed to be peaceful quickly turned into violent riots on Saturday evening, closing down the city of Baltimore for some time—and creating a panic for thousands of people as just 50 miles away elites in Washington partied with President Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

What does President Barack Obama have to do with this?

Obviously the president has a daily schedule and he's notified about this way before you went into your little race hit piece.
Freddie Gray's sister Fredricka calls for calm. Baltimore's mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in the far right.
I remember that the racist right made a fuzz at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in 2011. The conservatives were all pissed about the president partying with the media, the Ron and Rand Paul jokes and the diss on Loserville. Yeah those were good times.

The president sat with a straight face as the comedian Seth Meyers said that the president wasted time on finding Osama bin Laden. People were shocked and surprised that the next day Obama announced the apprehension (killing) of Osama bin Laden.

The president shut the conservatives up for at least a few days. But it was back to business after the news shifted to something shiny.

This is no different. Black protesters according to the racist right are criminals inspired by the anti-cop, anti-White rhetoric from the president, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General Eric Holder, New York mayor Bill de Blasio, Rev. Perm and Cut His Nuts Off Jackson.

Anytime there's an injustice in the Black community, the racist right continues to see this as overreaction to a situation they have no business knowing. The only proof of police brutality in the minds of conservatives is video proof. For all they know, the unarmed Black suspects are criminals who deserved their fate.

The Department of Justice is already investigating Baltimore Metro Police under the given permission of the mayor and police commissioner.

City mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Baltimore Metro Police Commissioner Anthony Batts condemn the violence by those who wanted to cause trouble. They understand the protests.

They welcome an investigation into police, criminal gangs, and subjective racial profiling.

Baltimore's population is 622, 114 as of 2013 with a 67% Black population.

This is not the Black Lives Matter movement. This is rioting. This is disruptive behavior based on a controversial incident in which Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray.

The protesters gave a heads up to this "Shut This Down" protest. I am guessing what sparked the riot were the drunk White guys at the bar shouting at the protesters about Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. Usually counter protesters agitate a riot by saying alleged racial remarks.

The Orioles game was a part of this rolling boycott. The protesters were going to interrupt the game.
Near Camden Fields, protester throws a barrier fence. The Gateway Pundit sees the BlackLivesMatter hoodie. Yeah this is the same guy who threw the punch at the sports bar.
I wouldn't be surprised that Boyle instigated the rioting. He claim he was there when it occurred.

Freddie Gray's sister Fredricka told the public that you're not honoring her brother by rioting.

This is the twin sister of 25 year old Freddie Gray.

 Last week, six Baltimore officers are off the beat after a video surfaced showing Freddie Gray being dragged by the feet after an arrest. The officers waited too long after it was revealed that he sustained a major injury on his neck. That spinal injury had him in the hospital and later in the wooden box.

The Baltimore officers claim that he struggled with them. But if it wasn't for them pesky camera phones, they would have gotten away with this lie.

There was some form of restraint or excessive force used on Freddie.

There's an investigation into this matter and we here at Journal de la Reyna will continue to follow developments in this story.

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