Thursday, February 26, 2015

The 1980s In 20XX!

Disney is bringing back DuckTales. 

The days of afternoon cartoon syndication and the Saturday morning cartoon are gone. Long gone.

Hollywood is really running out of ideas. The Today Show hosts were joyful over Disney's reviving of DuckTales. The Carl Banks comic was made into a television series that aired in syndication on local markets.

Now 30 years later, DisneyXD is proud to announce that it will host the series. The series will be a reboot and its planned for a 2017 debut.

The TV series featured Duckburg's richest mogul Scrooge McDuck. McDuck would often find treasures and adventure. He would usually have his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie accompany him on these adventures. On some occasions their uncle Donald Duck would join them.

It also featured Launchpad McQuack who later became a main character on the series Darkwing Duck during the later years. DuckTales had over 100 episodes and one motion picture movie.

They actually are planning on reviving some of American cartoon classics.

I really must be a television nerd. Because I grew up in the 1980s watching these shows.

I really believe that in this decade, most children can watch this stuff on their phones and electronic devices. They don't have to see it on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW.

They can find some this stuff on the many the Disney Channels, The Hub and Cartoon Network.

They can actually get it on Hulu, Netflix, internet torrents, and bootleg.

Television networks had to obey the federal mandates and offer educational program. They couldn't afford the billing for cartoons and their sugary cereal commercials. So in September 2014, The CW ended its cartoon programs and joined the others with this Litton bullshit.

The McDonald's commercials are gone too. The fast food giant is suffering in sales and had to semi-retire Ronald McDonald for a creepy box called Happy.

Ducktales Don't Give Up The Ship 1/5 by ahmrl

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