Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mikey D's Rolls Out A Son Of A Mac!

Company launches new promotion that is already causing an uproar.

Who's bright idea is to have this as a mascot for the world's most successful and yes controversial fast food restaurant?

The Chicago-based McDonald's corporation is retiring Ronald McDonald, the iconic clown who is a part of every young child's experience with a Happy Meal.

The clown hasn't hasn't been a feature since 2007.

The company unwraps the most unappealing mascot ever.
Are you happy?

Now doesn't that bring a child to McDonald's?

How many underpaid employees will suffer for this epic rollout of the "Happy" mascot?

If you're not a fan of the creepy box thing, you're not alone. It's being slammed on social networks and I hope that the McDonald's executives hear the word.

After all their CEO Donald Thompson, can lose weight eating a handful of those meals!

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