Monday, February 09, 2015

Kanye West "Upstages" Beck!

Pop stars Kanye West and Taylor Swift greet each other. Some years back, West upstaged her during her acceptance speech. West continues his controversial temper tantrums when he upstaged music producer/pop singer Beck.

If this was a publicity stunt or another controversial temper tantrum, the rapper/producer Kanye West done it again at the Grammy's. When it came jumping on stage to upstage a celebrity, count on Mr. West to do so.

West jumped on stage after pop singer/producer Beck won the album of the year beating out Beyonce, one of West's closest friends and collaborator.

While Prince was about to hand the Grammy to Beck, West was coming but he backed down and "jokingly" walked back to his seat. Fun stuff right?

West's most famous (I'm sorry infamous) upstage was the one where he jumped on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift.

He got roundly criticized and had to personally apologize to Swift after this.

And the last famous incident was when he went off the script and bashed George W. Bush handling of Hurricane Katrina. West upstaged Mike Myers and Chris Tucker and caused conservative outrage.

If it isn't bad enough, we got his step-father in law involved in a serious accident in which he killed a woman. Bruce Jenner who is transitioning into a trans woman was involved in an accident on the Pacific Coast Highway and his vehicle crashed into another vehicle and it killed an elderly driver.

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