Friday, February 20, 2015

Geraldo Rivera: Minorities Listening To Rap Is More Destructive Than Racism!

Geraldo Rivera is more destructive to Black and Latino youths

The mustached ambulance chaser is notorious for being a trash talking agitator. From his days in syndication to his gig on Loserville. The most annoying talk show host since that annoying conservative agitator, Geraldo Rivera has decided to go after the hip-hop community.

Understanding that hip-hop music may contain explicit lyrics. The lyrics are assured for adults. I don't understand why O'Loofus, that annoying conservative agitator, that old fart King Hippo and this mustached ambulance chaser concerned about the children?

Or is this another attempt to smear the president. Or maybe Jay-Z and Beyonce? Or maybe Common?

After all John Legend and Common are nominated for an Oscar for best motion picture song.

Anyway, this controversy brewed when Geraldo appeared on Loserville to talk trash about young minorities who listening to Lil' Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, Future, 2 Chainz and even Eminem.

He talks to Huff Post Live and went off claiming that hip-hop music done more harm to Blacks and Latinos then racism alone.

Rivera said he believes that “hip-hop has done more damage to black and brown people than racism in the last ten years.”

And it’s not just hip-hop, it’s fashion, because he challenged people to find “a Puerto Rican from the South Bronx or a black kid from Harlem who has succeeded in life… walking around with his pants around his ass and with visible tattoos.”

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