Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some Righties Want Kasich To Get Into The Clown Car!

Some of the Republican faithful want John Kasich to put the makeup on and jump into the clown car.

After a landslide victory against the Democratic nominee for Ohio guv, Republican John Kasich is being floated around by the junk food media as the next clown to get into the car.

The current guv of the all important swing state of Ohio is thinking about it.

Kasich a former congressman and agitator on Loserville decided to run against Ted Strickland during the 2010 Insurgency Wave. He was testing the water during his final leg of hosting his gig on talk radio and Loserville. He would get Rupert and Chief Roger's blessing to run. In 2010, on a narrow victory, Kasich won.

During his first term, he pissed off the public sector unions by running the SB5 law that stripped collective bargaining rights from the public sector. That was roundly rejected in a referendum ballot sparked by voters.

He would later embrace Obamacare. That pissed off the insurgency.

He embraced the U.S. Justice Department's investigations into the killings of John Crawford and Tamir Rice, pissing off some in the law enforcement and racist right.

He would go golfing with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And you know how the conservative agitators react the president going on a golf outing.

Yeah, he's not loved among the insurgency. He's too RINO for the red meat crowd. He's been a bad governor at best. And its unfortunate I did vote for him. He's not a terrible governor but the actions speak of stupidity and basic showboating.

Sure Ohio has a low unemployment rate. But hell, half of the residents split from the state.

It's leaving the door open for rival states to surpass Ohio in population growth. See when the state fails at growing it loses a U.S. Congressional District.
Kasich is thinking about it. But he hasn't formed an exploratory committee yet.
Kasich knows that Ohio is on the downward trend when it comes to residency. He can brag about the unemployment numbers and a balance budget all he wants, but the state is not popular and people are driven to states where the real jobs are!

Some how, I don't know what to think! Kasich has a candle to hold on! However he and the rest of the clowns are uninspiring, inclusive and too goddamn intrusive.

Given the forward march on marijuana legalization, women demanding equal pay, gay marriage, and calls to raise the minimum wage, I can't see any of these candidates viable against a potential perennial run for Hillary Clinton. Even a Clinton or Biden run is uninspiring for me.

I don't have the buzz of inspiration! They pretty much made me lose faith in democracy. The way they've disrespected the first Black president also makes me think that White presidents aren't going to be any better or worst than the previous predecessors.

The Freedom Summit Conference was being held by Iowa Republican  Congressman Steve "Deport The Vermin" King. He hosted the wackadoodles like that former Alaskan guv, former Arkansas guv, former Texas guv, Louisiana's Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, Wisconsin's Scott Walker, New Jersey's Chris Christie, Stallmigo Ted Cruz, Marco "Amnesty" Rubio, and perennial loser/always last place Rick Santorum in the fold. But absent were establishment politicos Jeb Bush and perennial loser Mitt Romney, both former guvs, Indiana's Mike Pence, and Ohio's Kasich, both current guvs.

The field is extremely weak. I mean given that Jeb Bush is probably the best clown in the whole field,. The fact that former governor Oops, former nutbag Michele Bachmann, perennial losers Romney, Santorum, Jim Gilmore, and the ex-Arkansas guv are thinking about failing again is just sad.

The failed candidates of 2008 and 2012 are really desperate clowns. Obviously the world hates them, but it would be fun to see if they can managed to get enough delegates to nominee. I hope that they eventually win the 270 to become the ring master.

Do you believe that Kasich is the right clown to fit into the car?

Can he become the star of the circus?

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