Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stupid Ted Cruz Takes His Talking Points From Hannity!

The country's most dumbest politico is Stallmigo Ted Cruz (R-TX). He would boldly tell a misleading statement on national television. And who would he get this nonsense from? The country's worst cable news host.

Stallmigo Ted Cruz (R-TX) has to be one of the dumbest politicos to ever be in the Senate. He is basically a talk radio agitator working as a lawmaker. He's bomb-throwing insults at the president and yet has the audacity to never check his facts before he opens his condescending mouth.

He was on that annoying conservative agitator's program discussing his take on the president's State of The Union Address. Added that Cruz is thinking about jumping into the clown car. After all, putting on the makeup and red nose is hard work. He hardly does any work if not at all.

That annoying conservative agitator as well as many others come off with this ridiculous notion that 92 million Americans are not working in the workforce.

Granted that there are some not in the active workforce. But obviously, a majority of them are children under 16. Then you got the baby boomer who are pass 65 years old. They are retiring at a higher rate this time around. Then what about those who are severely disabled. You want them to work?

Seriously, it's about 8 million people (age 18 -54) in the underemployed. About 10 million (age 18 -54) who are not actively working or attending college. So about in a nutshell 20 million are probably not actively working or underemployed.

Politifact gets to the bottom of this.

The total U.S. population age 16 and over is at least 243 million. Subtracting the nearly 156 million Americans in the labor force in June 2013 -- that is, those who were either working or looking for work -- leaves 87 million Americans, which is close to 90 million.
Well on his way to be nominated for being the worst cable news host again.
However, the 90 million number is padded, since this number includes a lot of Americans who wouldn't be expected to be working. Specifically:

• People age 16 to 17, who likely are in high school: 9 million

• People who are enrolled in either two- or four-year colleges: 21 million

• People age 65 and older, who have reached retirement age: 40 million people

That means 20 million people are of normal working age, not in college and not working. That’s less than one-quarter the amount repeatedly cited in the blogosphere.

So the 90 million number is exaggerated. Even so, the idea that fewer people are joining the workforce is something that worries economists.

All things being equal, economists like to see more people working because it helps economic growth (though not at the expense of dropping out of school, which can limit future employment opportunities and earnings potential).

To gauge these trends, economists can calculate the labor force participation rate, which is the percentage of the population that is either working or looking for work, and they can calculate the employment to population ratio, which is the percentage of the 16-and-over population that is currently employed. Both statistics generally track each other, but not in lockstep.

Here’s a summary of these statistics between the end of the last recession in June 2009 and the most recent month available, June 2013.

Politifact rules this.      Mostly False

That day will come when the annoying conservative agitator will be fired out the cannon for misleading his audience one too many times. He well on his way to be nominated once again for being the worst cable news host.

Under the First Amendment, he can lie, deceive and mislead his gullible audience. He has a right to do so. That annoying conservative agitator and Cruz can tell the public President Barack Obama done nothing to help the economy.

What do they know? They are not historians nor economists. They are clueless agitators who sole purpose is to rush to the cameras to prove the listeners and viewers their "gotcha moment" fix.

For a lawmaker to agree to come onto a show to spew some totally stupid bullshit shows how serious a Ted Cruz presidency is! That chain email about 92 million people not working is bogus. No right minded individual would believe that 1/3 of the nation's population is not working.

Nevermind, there's those in the Republican Party and their racist right allies.

But to tell a stupid Republican the facts is like telling them that slip proof shoes have no laces.

Oh, I forgot that Loserville may get sued by the mayor of Paris, France. She was pissed that Loserville would suggest that parts of her city have Muslim "no go zones". That was proven false and yet it's still being repeated by the racist right.

Like I've told you in previous stories, Stallmigo Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (R-KY) have NO LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

They have the least amount of time as lawmakers to proposal bills. Cruz was sworn in 2013 and Paul was sworn in 2011, respectively.

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