Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Oh it's Jell-O.

While I couldn't squeeze all the things happening during the weekend. I wanted to briefly cover some of the musings.

A pregnant woman in Ferguson, Missouri loss sight in her left eye after a non-lethal bean bag projectile went through a glass of her boyfriend's vehicle. She was protesting the decision. Her boyfriend's car was decorated with tributes to Michael Brown.

A Michigan man was stopped in Pontiac, Michigan by an officer on a call that he was looking "suspicious" by having his hands in his pocket. I'm not sure if this was staged or not, but it made me concerned.

We wait for the grand jury decision (not holding my breathe) on the Eric Garner case. Garner was placed in a chokehold by a NYPD officer. The grand jury is looking into whether excessive force and involuntary manslaughter should be placed on the officer. Garner was unarmed and officer Daniel Pantale grabbed him. Garner told the arresting officers he couldn't breathe and it didn't stop the wrangling down. After two minutes he was unconscious. They waited another three minutes before they could get medical assistance. He was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. Bill de Blasio and the NYPD police chief are trying to calm the potential for a public backlash.

As Republican state attorney general Mike DeWine gets involved in the Cleveland police shooting of Tamir Rice, the public believes that the two officers who shot Rice will not be indicted.

The Black Friday sales were at a low. Trouble looms for struggling big box stores. Too many discounts happened before Black Friday. Some businesses opened on Thanksgiving to serve customers.

Congressman Pete King (R-NY) and Rat Face Mark Levin want the president to apologize to Darren Wilson. The controversial agitator and his Islamophobic lawmaker buddy wants the president to invite the shooter of Michael Brown to the White House to public acknowledge he was wrong. Again the Republicans want the president to apologize. The very same ones who believe he apologizes for America. C'mon be serious.

Florida Republican official went to the social networks to say that Darren Wilson should be given a medal and the protesters should get their asses showered with the water cannons.

Bill Cosby was one of the most trusted individuals in the world. He ranked really high. But after allegations of rape by numerous women came forth, his stock tumbled. Nickelodeon pulled the plug on The Cosby Show. All shows that feature Bill Cosby are pulled. That means Fat Albert, iSpy, The Bill Cosby Show, A Diff'rent World, Cosby, Little Bill are off the roster. He recently resigned as an adviser to Temple University. The colleges cut ties with him. Some comedy clubs have banned him. Years of work, down the drain for the world's most favorite dad and complainer of the Black community.

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