Thursday, December 04, 2014

Damn Shame America!

Eric Garner the father of six was killed by law enforcement. He was unarmed. He was placed in a restriction hold and suffocated. Garner died and his killer walked. The racist right agitators are claiming that Black America should channel their rage towards President Barack Obama and black-on-everyone else crime instead of attacking the law.

Why isn't is all this reaction towards police brutality not an issue during the Midterms?

Those who opposed Republicans didn't take all this activism to the ballot box.

Those who allowed Republicans to take control of Congress support the grand jury decisions to allow law enforcement to walk. They don't care about the victims being unarmed or in legal right to. They just rather see the individual (especially Black) as villains.

Since we have Barack Obama as our first Black president, every issue in America is being examined through the racial lens. Of course, when the people of color express outrage to a system that in their minds perceived as a benefit for one group and not another, then we really have a problem.

Whites believe Obama gives more to Blacks. White women (a huge block for the president) have turned on him too. Even the most liberal co-workers at my job are upset that the president meddled in controversial issues such as the Michael Brown shooting.

Blacks believe that Whites are more hostile towards Obama because of his race. Here's an example of how Blacks looks at Whites. Check out the former Alaskan governor who is an annoying agitator. Then there's Mr. 9/11 and that annoying conservative agitator on Loserville who rally for indictments of Michael Brown's stepfather. They don't understand the raw anger of injustice. They focus on symbolic words or threats of incitement.

We have Hispanics and Asians upset that immigration reform is being stalled because of prejudices by Republican and Democrat lawmakers in Washington, DC.

We have people of religion who feel that the negativity of the junk food media forces people out of the faith. When the media was talking about criminal acts in the Catholic church, the Jewish synagogue, the Christian church, and Islamic mosque, people have found that there's no hope.

So it leads to Americans having a sharp decline in faith enrollment because of the media's perception of religion.

Honestly, there is no god if there's all the injustice in the world.

Now the #CrimingWhileWhite meme has become a rallying cry for protesters to point out even in America, the perception of law enforcement going easy on White people has brought an injustice to those in America.

The Hollywood Reporter says that former Daily Show writer Jason Ross, who is white, created the meme. He revealed the minimal punishment he received from police for crimes he committed while growing up.

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