Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obama: F**k It, I'm Gonna Get Things Done Despite The Republicans B*tching!

President Barack Obama is going to act on immigration reform.

Republicans are livid over the president's attempts to use executive order to get immigration reform moving.

President Barack Obama had enough. His party was defeated by the Republicans in the Midterms and they tried everything to appeal to their base. Their base sat it out because of things that weren't covered.

The improving job market. The lower prices of fuel and oil. The healthcare law is improving. Things are better than they were when he got into office in 2009.

But to the Republicans and their racist right allies, ISIS is coming to America. The border at Mexico is open and illegal immigrants are pouring into the country. Obamacare (as the junk food media and Republicans call it) is an epic disaster. Gay marriage is tearing apart families. There's no jobs and the unemployment numbers are bogus. The president is using his executive orders like a dictator. The media is liberal. And so on and so on.....

This stuff helped the Republicans win control of Congress and hold on to state governorships despite their unpopularity.

Now the president is warning Republicans that he's going ahead after waiting too long on passing immigration reform. The Senate had passed immigration reform, but the House killed the bill.

Obama's most anticipated steps is executive action on immigration, which could provide deportation relief to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Republican leaders in Washington were quick to rebuke the president's actions, which they argued could jeopardize any collaboration with the White House once the new Congress takes over in January.

"I've been very disturbed about the way the president has proceeded in the wake of the election, whether it was his intervention on net neutrality, his apparent decision to move ahead on immigration with executive orders, the rather ridiculous agreement with the Chinese," soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Thursday.

"I had maybe naively hoped the president would look at the results of the election and decide to come to the political center and do some business with us," McConnell continued. "I still hope he does at some point, but the early signs are not good."

The voters told you to stop. That's why we won! - Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Majority Leader designate.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) also condemned the president's assertiveness, pledging to fight him "tooth and nail" on immigration and even refusing to take the threat of a government shutdown off the table.

"This is the wrong way to govern," Boehner told reporters Thursday. "If he wants to go off on his own, there are things he's just not going to get."

The Huffington Post and most in the junk food media believe that the Republicans and President Barack Obama are going to have a contiguous fight over issues. I'm already dubbing this the party that plans on IMPEACHING OBAMA over everything.

The do-nothing Congress did pass in the House that stupid Keystone XL pipeline bill. Despite the cost of oil being extremely low this season, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) is hoping that this bill getting passed will help him knock Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) out of Washington.

The Keystone XL pipeline is based in Canada. Once built, it will transport tar sand oil across the Yukon to the Gulf of Mexico. Then of course, it will be shipped overseas.


fred 101 said...

Did you say the healthcare law is improving?You sure about that?The truth is coming out how Obama lied about knowing Gruber.How he stooged the sheeple into voting for it.3 card monte all the way.Im sure you heard him denying he knew Gruber.Here's the video of the truth.

The Blue Light Buzz said...

Who cares what someone says? I guess you do!

Anyway. Who is Gruber? Never heard of him. He's not an elected leader.

fred 101 said...

I guess you only watch CNN.Gruber is the guy Obama claimed he didn't know,at least until the video came out.Don't be gullible,Im not trying to be an ass but only get to the truth.The Obamacare deal is a sham.

The Blue Light Buzz said...

Don't watch cable news. FYI, there's nothing wrong with CNN. The network has the freedom to broadcast the news the way they want it.

FYI it's called Affordable Healthcare Reform. I am sick and tired of hearing Obamacare.

That really annoys me.

These fights over the healthcare law are old. Tired.

FRED 101, you're entitled to your opinion.

Unfortunately I don't agree nor care about your comments.


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