Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NBC Sacks The Cos And His Project!

Family Guy parodied Cosby.

More fallout from the controversy surrounding entertainer Bill Cosby. The entertainer is facing numerous accusations of rape by more than one woman. Count two hands and three fingers.

Janice Dickinson 2014.jpgOver 14 women came out against America's dad and chief complainer of the Black community.

The 79-year old entertainer has gotten the pink slip. NBC pulls the plug on the untitled sitcom that Cosby was developing for the struggling network.

On top of that he's been even more silent on the new round of accusations from actress Janice Dickerson.

It wasn't clear how far along the NBC project was, with the Hollywood Reporter saying that the network had never gotten a final script. Cosby was expected to play another "family patriarch" type of role, one that revolved around three married daughters. An NBC spokesperson would say only that it's "no longer under development." The network's move follows a decision by Netflix to scrap its own Cosby project.

Dickinson became one, and the most visible, of a number of women who accused comedian Bill Cosby of committing sexual harassment and rape years before in multiple separate incidents.

Numerous women have recently come forward with similar allegations, with the incidents allegedly spread over almost 40 years of the comedian's career. While many of the stories being told by the women are remarkably consistent in their accounts.

Criminal charges have not been filed against Cosby, although he is known to have settled out of court in confidential agreements with one woman making similar accusations in 2006.

Dickinson has not asked for any financial or other type of compensation.

Quite ironic, that Family Guy mocked Bill Cosby and the situation.

Comedian Hannibal Buress did a comedy routine where Buress called Cosby a serial rapist, artist Barbara Bowman repeated her long-standing accusations that Cosby drugged, sexually assaulted and raped her over a two year period beginning in 1985 when she was 17 years old.

Hollywood Elsewhere published an essay by journalist Joan Tarshis claiming that Cosby raped her in 1969 when she was 19 years old.

Netflix pulled the plug on the Bill Cosby special.

Some of the performances and college speaking tours that he was going to do while on tour are postponed.

In a NPR interview, the host asked Cosby about the scandal. He clammed up and shook his head. By his silence he made it worse.

Twitter had a field day with his scandal.

Could this be the end of Bill Cosby's reign on American media? Worse, could this be the end of his longtime marriage?

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