Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cheers & Jeers!

The president and Congress hear the cries. The president acts out on his word. Republicans vow to fight.

Republicans vow to fight the president every step of the way. During this lame duck session of Congress, the outgoing Democrats are probably going to the networks or private practice. Some may even jump onto the agitator radio circuit.

President Barack Obama delivered his statements Thursday. He told the nation that he's going to enact executive orders in the wake of the failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration advocates and some undocumented workers and their families are praising this decision.

Tonight the president announced his plans to use his executive action to ease up on deportation.

This plan will assist about 1/3 of the undocumented migrants who already been in the country for nearly five years will be exempted. This is brought

The Benghazi select committee spurred by conservative agitators and Republican lawmakers netted again no fault towards the president, Hillary Clinton and CIA.

The Benghazi attack happened on September 11, 2012 when four Americans were killed after a militant group run up on a CIA-sponsored consulate. They used the cover of an anti-Muslim movie to draw an attack on the facility. The mastermind is held in American custody. The racist right has used this as a tool to Republicans win control of Congress. They were trying to find outrageous conspiracies and discredited individuals as

The Ferguson decision will be coming soon and the president urges calm to the residents of the metro St. Louis area.

The nation awaits to hear the fate of the Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

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