Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Missouri Republican Wants Coup D'état On Obama!

Oh I was just kidding. I don't believe our military will do a coup d'état on the president.

The racist right is pleased to get their supporters out to vote. The Republican Party is happy that their allies in the racist right are motivated to kicking out the embattled Democrats.

The Democrats and Republicans both suck. So far the enthusiasm is good for the GOP.  They been dominating the television and radio with ads targeting candidates who want to unseat them.

Alison Lundergan Grimes imploded after saying being questioned about voting for President Barack Obama. She was the strongest candidate to take on that corrupt Senate majority leader. However when it comes to dirty politics, Republican Mitch McConnell got it on lock.

Over in the neighboring state of Missouri, Republican official Debbie Dunnegan Waters is so frustrated with the president and those rabble rousers in Ferguson, she goes to the social networks to complain about our military not taking the time to travel to the White House and do some old fashion usurping.

The social networks can make or break you. Especially in an election year.

Republicans are on pins and needles right now. They know they suck. They know that every ignorant candidate that runs for the office could implode their chances to take back the senate.

They still have this infighting with the insurgency and the agitators of the junk food media.

How can they win back voters without being called the party that supports only WHITE FOLKS?

Here's what someone caught Dunnegan-Waters doing.

What could happen if the Secret Service was notified about this?

Obviously the scandal plagued federal agency needs to handle this stuff!

Debbie Dunnegan Waters, a Republican serving as Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she had "no ill intent toward the president" when she asked why the military hasn't "taken action against our domestic enemy," who she identified as "supposedly the commander in chief."

Enter the non-apology:

“I just wanted to know what oath (the military) took,” Dunnegan told St. Louis Public Radio in a telephone interview. “I'm not calling the president a domestic enemy. I’m not calling the president anything. He is the president. Do I agree with what the president is doing? Absolutely not. Anybody that asks me, I’ll be happy to tell you that.”

This is the party inspired to take back Congress. The party that has this idiot and many like her hoping that the country's first Black president is either killed by the military he controls.

This is the extremism you'll be seeing if the Republicans take back control of Congress.

It's important to vote.

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