Friday, September 19, 2014

Secession Fever!

Spell check.

I wonder how many people call me by phone to ask me how I feel about the United States in general.

I can tell you that I am not satisfied with the Congress right now under the leadership of Republicans in the House and Democrats in the Senate. I am somewhat disappointed with President Barack Obama because even after he trounced perennial loser Mitt Romney, I was thinking that he could bring his bully pulpit to the insurgency.

I thought the president would finally put the brakes on Loserville and other critics of his policies.

Alas, all we hear is the same old circle of right wing agitation. From Obamacare to Lois Lerner. The racist right has a monopoly on the junk food media. Don't listen to their cries of "liberal media" bias. 

For way too long, I've hear one or more things that makes the case against the president.

When that's concluded, then you hear talk about  polls, birth certificates, Benghazi, ISIS and illegals. Then when that's over, then you hear talk about the liberal media, political correctness, Black thugs and the most frequently used phrase, "I want my country back!"

I Want My Country Back! That is the universal pledge of dissent by both the right and the left.

White folks in the insurgency are most commonly using that phrase when they gather near highways posting upside down American flags, offensive signs towards Obama and carrying firearms in the public. Once in a while a Confederate flag or anti-gubmint protester may come into the fold.

Reuters reports that 1 in 4 Americans (roughly 25%) want to break away from the United States.

Do I want to join this movement because I am mad at the gubmint? 


Some 23.9 percent of Americans polled from Aug. 23 through Sept. 16 said they strongly supported or tended to support the idea of their state breaking away, while 53.3 percent of the 8,952 respondents strongly opposed or tended to oppose the notion.

The urge to sever ties with Washington cuts across party lines and regions, though Republicans and residents of rural Western states are generally warmer to the idea than Democrats and Northeasterners, according to the poll.
The kookspiracy of gubmit control drives this.
Anger with President Barack Obama's handling of issues ranging from healthcare reform to the rise of Islamic State militants drives some of the feeling, with Republican respondents citing dissatisfaction with his administration as coloring their thinking.

But others said long-running Washington gridlock had prompted them to wonder if their states would be better off striking out on their own, a move no U.S. state has tried in the 150 years since the bloody Civil War that led to the end of slavery in the South.

"I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference anymore which political party is running things. Nothing gets done," said Roy Gustafson, 61, of Camden, South Carolina, who lives on disability payments. "The state would be better off handling things on its own."

Scottish unionists won by a wider-than-expected 10-percentage-point margin.

Falling public approval of the Obama administration, attention to the Scottish vote and the success of activists who accuse the U.S. government of overstepping its authority - such as the self-proclaimed militia members who flocked to Nevada's Bundy ranch earlier this year during a standoff over grazing rights - is driving up interest in secession, experts said.

"It seems to have heated up, especially since the election of President Obama," said Mordecai Lee, a professor of governmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, who has studied secessionist movements.

Really, I thought because they don't like that "MONKEY" in the White House. Obviously after the trouncing of perennial loser Mitt Romney, some in the racist right took to the social blogs to call the president a "NIGGER", "SUBHUMAN" and "TRAITOR". 
Seceding is a White Extremist wet dream.
It's not about policies! It's mostly about the president's race. Because this same old song was done a few years back when the racist right was petitioning for secession. It was being egged on by the kookspiracy nut and that blog that throws shit to the wall. And we can't forget the right wing agitators who relish their filth in the junk food media.

Reuters added that Republicans were more inclined to support the idea, with 29.7 percent favoring it compared with 21 percent of Democrats.

Brittany Royal, a 31-year-old nurse from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, said anger over the "Obamacare" healthcare reform law made her wonder if her state would be better off on its own.

"That has really hurt a lot of people here, myself included. My insurance went from $40 a week for a family of four up to over $600 a month for a family of four," said Royal, a Republican. "The North Carolina government itself is sustainable. Governor (Pat) McCrory, I think he has a better healthcare plan than President Obama."

By region, the idea was least popular in New England, the cradle of the Revolutionary War, with just 17.4 percent of respondents open to pulling their state out.

It was most popular in the Southwest, where 34.1 percent of respondents back the idea.

That region includes Texas, where an activist group is calling the state's legislature to put the secession question on a statewide ballot. One Texan respondent said he was confident his state could get by without the rest of the country.

"Texas has everything we need. We have the manufacturing, we have the oil, and we don't need them," said Mark Denny, a 59-year-old retiree living outside Dallas on disability payments.
One idiot is pushing the notion.
Denny, a Republican, had cheered on the Scottish independence movement.

"I have totally, completely lost faith in the federal government, the people running it, whether Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever," he said.

Even in Texas, some respondents said talk about breaking away was more of a sign of their anger with Washington than evidence of a real desire to go it alone. Democrat Lila Guzman, of Round Rock, said the threat could persuade Washington lawmakers and the White House to listen more closely to average people's concerns.

"When I say secede, I'm not like (former National Rifle Association president) Charlton Heston with my gun up in the air, 'my cold dead hands.' It's more like – we could do it if we had to," said Guzman, 62. "But the first option is, golly, get it back on the right track. Not all is lost. But there might come a point that we say, 'Hey, y'all, we're dusting our hands and we're moving on.'"

This stuff comes in part of the recent news of an independence vote by Scotland. That vote failed and drove the insurgency back to the folds. There was an insurgent named Alex Solmand who led the way for this to happen. It failed and he will disappear from the limelight.

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