Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hannity Whines About Obama In Front Of Obama!

The most annoying conservative agitator meets the president's half-brother.

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo is one of the twenty siblings of President Barack Obama. The president met his brother a couple of times, but doesn't know him personally.

As you know that annoying conservative agitator is completely bipolar. He says the same things over and over. It gets really irritating. So I decided this guy is going to be my experiment. You can actually play a drinking game using this guy as a source.

Every five minutes he'll drop a name (i.e. Obama), you can pick up a bottle of Budweiser.

Mark's quest for fame comes at the expense of his own. The president doesn't speak to this guy.

He knew that his father has many children but doesn't hardly even speak to most of them.

Mark and Kenyan-born George Obama have been in the news as the go to guys for the racist right's agenda against the president. They want to built this narrative that the president is an elitist.

This will also agitate the birthers. To this day, they still believe that the president is "illegally" occupying the White House.

George Obama according to the racist right lives in a hut and the president won't spare him a dime.

Mark Obama Ndesandjo doesn't get along with his famous brother. Book him on a conservative agitator's radio and television program.
The most annoying conservative agitator interviews the president's long lost brother.
I posted "Can You Spare A Dollar For A Worthless Brother" earlier this year.

Obama Ndesandjo was on Laura Ingraham The Insurgent's Choice Show. He was being baited into saying some choice words about his famed brother. And today, it seems like the racist right can't get enough of him. It's always good for the racist right to be agitated by a family member of the president.

Barack Obama's half-brother, son of Barack Obama, Sr. and his third wife Ruth Baker.

Mark Ndesandjo runs an Internet company called WorldNexus that advises Chinese corporations how best to reach international customers.

Mark was educated in the US, graduating from Brown University; he studied physics at Stanford University, and received an MBA from Emory University.

He has lived in Shenzhen, China, since 2002.

Through his mother, he is Jewish. He is married to Liu Xuehua (also spelled Liu Zue Hua in some reports), a Chinese woman from Henan Province.

He is an accomplished pianist and has performed in concert.

In 2009, Mark Ndesandjo published a semi-autobiographical novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East. He published a memoir in 2013, entitled, Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery.

In it, he accused their father Barack Sr. of abuse.


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