Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sean Hannity Word Vomit!

The most annoying conservative agitator has a tendency to repeat himself on statements. You can actually play a drinking game based off his rants!

The third most watched and second most listened agitator is a prize experiment for liberals and conservatives.

They all agree that he's a well paid agitator. I agree with them as well. But in fact, he's by far the most annoying media personality to ever exist. His right wing carnival is nothing but a screamfest. He is a serial name dropper and within a two minute rant, you'll hear Obama come out of it.

The man has a crazy obsession with dropping the president's name more than he can drop an actual sentence.

This annoying agitator has tendency to repeat himself over and over again. It's probably because he's either ADHD or bipolar disorder. I am not a medical doctor, but its pretty clear that this annoying agitator has some form of disorder.

Here's some of the most frequently said words on that agitator's program

Obama (Barack, Obamacare, Michelle)
The President 
Great American
Radicalism (in regards to liberalism)
Radical Islam
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Blame Bush
The Power of the Purse
Ground and Pound
Neville Chamberlain
Evil In Our Time
Anointed One
Big Time AJ, What's Going On Baby.... (in reference to extremist Black caller)
MSNBC (or NBC News)
Ed Schultz
The Great One...(Ratface Mark Levin)
Charging like a football player
That Thrill Up His Leg (Chris Matthews statements on Obama)
Louis Farrakhan
Muslim Brotherhood
Sista Soulja Moment
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
Martha's Vineyard
Al Sharpton
Jesse Jackson
Jeremiah Wright
Bill Ayers
Bernadine Dohorn
Shir'a Law
I Gotta Tell You Something Else Here
Benjamin Netanyahu
The Left
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Radical Mullahs
47 50 Million On Food Stamps
92 Million Are Not Working
Ronald Reagan
Energy Independent
Drill (for oil)
Doomed To Repeat It
Under This President...

Okay, here's your challenge. If you listen to three hours of his radio program or one hour of his television program, you listen carefully. I can tell you in the first few seconds of his monologue, I will bet you, he'll slip Obama in a sentence.

I can bet you that he will say Obama's name over 100 times in his radio program.

Get a few cups of your favorite beverage or alcohol and start listening. Have fun.

Also be careful if you are to drink alcoholic beverages. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE IMPAIRED.

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