Friday, August 15, 2014

The Racist Right Goes All Out On Michael Brown!

The junk food media is worked over allegations of the unarmed teen Michael Brown stealing a pack of smokes from a store.

The St. Louis County police decided to run the tape. They claim that unarmed teen Michael Brown was involved in a robbery at a QuikTrip. The theft of cigars says Ferguson Police.

The officer who shot and killed Brown was identified. Darren Wilson a six year veteran of the Ferguson Police was the shooter.

The family of Brown says that the law and the junk food media are trying to assassinate the character.

What a week. If you're not aware of the situation, then let me explain this as best as I can.
brown robbery stroe
The police claim that Brown was involved in a robbery of cigars. The racist right will go to town with it.
Ferguson, Missouri is ground zero. There was an officer involved shooting. A 18-year old teen was shot after a confrontation with the law. According to witnesses, the officer was harassing the young man and his friend while walking on the street.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson has identified Darren Wilson as the officer who fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown on Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jackson also announced Friday that the department would release video of a "strong-armed robbery" that took place in the area. He outlined events that began at 11 a.m. the day of the shooting and implied Wilson confronted Brown, 18, in connection with the robbery. Wilson encountered Brown at 12:01 p.m., Jackson said. By the time a second officer arrived at 12:04 p.m., Brown was dead.

The junk food media has been pretty divided on it. The folks over at Loserville have already labeled him a "suspect".

King Hippo keeps calling Brown the "gentle giant". The agitator was going on and on about the robbery. He kept forgetting that the "gentle giant" didn't have a firearm in this "robbery".

That annoying ass conservative agitator was rambling about him being pulled over and how pleasant his experience with law enforcement's been. The agitator is a millionaire and White.

The agitators of the racist right as predictable go right to it. They blame the victim for his own demise.

Over a few smokes.....

Call the police, a man steals a handful of smokes. Shoot to kill.

More developments will follow as we continue.

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