Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Haters Got Shut Down!

One website that promotes hate got shutdown. But how many more would spawn after it?

When the haters are trying to take you down!

What do you do?

You got to laugh at the haters. They are obsessed with trying to "expose" me. They would make derogatory images of me and thousands of others just for "fun". The racist right and their allies in the insurgent Republican Party have long looked upon Blacks as "criminals", "animals" and "vermin".

They can't stomach a browner nation. They know that as long as Barack Obama is in the White House, they would use this as a recruitment tool for their movement. It would be considered a compulsive disorder among the extremists. They have to create websites devoted to trashing those who aren't like them. Their movement is to create more Cliven Bundys, J.T. Readys, Craig Cobbs, Glenn Fraizer Millers, Wade Pages, Jared and Amanda Millers.

They have websites that cater to their radical views. The social networks are trying their hardest to purge the haters. But for one hater gone spawns ten more.

You gotta admit that for over five years I've often talked about issues involving my community, the government and junk food media. Every issue sprinkled on YouTube and through Blogger.

Often I would get haters responding to my blogs and my videos on YouTube.

There was this hater who went by the name........ Nah, I am not going to give you the name.

I don't want to give this asshole anymore attention than what he needs.

He would go onto YouTube spamming in the comment section with NIGGER this, NIGGER that!
Toby As A Pimp Lawn Jockey
This is what the asshole would do for a living. He would use Fireworks 4.0 to post my face to objects. He was obsessed with me because he could never win a debate. This asshole would create a website devoted to trashing me and other Black people.
Call Blacks every racial slur out of the book. He would often be banned for his comments. Yet he would once again troll again causing more havoc to every Black or Latino YouTube user.

He would bait me and others into a hostile debate over his website, his many allies in the racist right and those who call him out on his bullshit.

He would later create a website that covers news events that involves Blacks. He would also obsess with me by making silly photos using my image. He wasted more time attacking me more than those who attacked him.

Somehow I must really pissed him off. I often would go specifically after this one. This one would troll me more than any other asshole.

Today, I was expecting this asshole's website covering the situation in Ferguson, MO. After all this asshole obsesses with Blacks and seeing the rioting happening over there, the racist right couldn't resist putting its input into it.

I used Google to search the web for this website. Alas, it's gone. One of the blogs I support got a cache copy of this website. I will link it but I will not give you the name of the website (just in case the spamming of racial slurs would fall upon her blog).

Although I will no longer address this asshole or his allies, I want you to understand that there's ways to beat them without even going after them.

First make sure that if you're on those social networking websites, make sure you don't accept "EVERYONE" as your friend.

Second, make sure you're pictures are private and don't allow "EVERYONE" to see them. Cause a hater would spent their time trying to intimidate you by creating fake profiles and using your image in derogatory themes.

Third, don't engage with the hater. The hater loves for you to respond.

Fourth, delete comments that are offensive. Me and S. Baldwin been here for years blogging about issues. Some issues are controversial. Some are spiritual. Some may inspire you to think. Others may rile you up. That's perfectly fine.

We are here on Journal de la Reyna using our "freedom of speech" to talk about issues.

Some may not like that. That's fine.

We don't condone every anti-website that spends their times attacking someone.

We're not like that. Every story that I've post comes with a wittiness and willingness to express an honest take on the current issues.

I don't see nothing wrong with discourse. Does it mean we have to read it?

Again, we don't have give anyone a forum to soapbox insults, racial slurs and random spamming.

We're not in the business of this back and forth with people who have no direct ties to us. We are not in the business to respond to a person who has to subject us with insults upon our character, this blog or the supporters here.

If you have a problem with the blog, that's your opinion. But as far as it goes, we're not going anywhere and as long as I'm still here, there will be more posts on Journal de la Reyna.

So once again, why are you bothering us? As far as I'm concerned, the only racist here is you!


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