Saturday, August 23, 2014

Leave A Name And Message!

Perception of Ferguson has led to some making opinions without knowing the facts.

Straight out of your bandwidth comes another edition of the word vomit responses.

Again, we don't mind having reader feedback to the postings on Journal de la Reyna. However, we do reserve the right to remove and delete comments we deem are not productive to the blog.

And cue the vomit.

Make sure you grab a magnifier.

Here's what the white extremist think of the Ferguson issue. They perceive the facts from the media. I say about 30% of the coverage of Ferguson/Michael Brown shooting is fair. The rest is not so much.

CNN, Obama News, and Loserville have each gotten involved in the situation. They put the cameras in the faces of looters and rioters.

Would they do that to the victims of the Gaza Strip when Israeli airstrikes kill them?

Would they do that in the face of a peaceful protest?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of animals,blacks do commit more crimes.the stupid 18 year old man was caught stealing right before he got shot,wonder all the things he did that are not on camera.they always ruin everything.let blacks be the only cops in that crime infested cities.then no whites to blame!

2:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why when blacks shoot whites the press never mentions the race of the killers? Perfect example the German woman killed by four"men" in san Francisco? They didn't even show a picture of those dirty animals.and why no protest when blacks kill each other??ignorant,that's why.

3:10 PM

Okay. first things first.

White people do riot too.

Have you seen an event where a college sport team wins or loses?

Second, the press is looking for ratings. Remember the word, agitator. Agitators have a job as well.

From that annoying conservative agitator to Rev. Perm, there's opinion over facts.

Crime is a part of society. It doesn't discriminate against race. It could be white collar crime or blue collar crime.

It wouldn't matter if the crime occurred in a city, a suburb or an executive board room.

Me and S. Baldwin work hard to keep this blog updated and do appreciate everyone who is reading.

I hope we build more readers and followers of this blog. I appreciate all the support from the new and even old followers of Journal de la Reyna.

Often times I read some of the comments in our blog. Let me say this with no remorse: HATERS ARE GOING TO HATE! They have the right to be condescending bigots and obnoxious hate mongering idiots.

My feelings aren't hurt by some anonymous loser online. Your comments are not going to stop me from speaking my mind. In fact, it may inspire me to do more.

I practically beg for the attention. After all, I write often topics that are inspirational and at times it could be considered controversial. I don't deny that. After all I come up with some of the most catchiest titles to the article. I sometimes visit blogs and websites to obtain stories that might appeal to our readers. I am guilty for doing so. And at best, I want to give an honest opinion about what's going on in my community, the government and the junk food media.

I said no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to read our blog.

Why would you waste your time attacking us?

So to those who criticized us for being "racists": Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For you see, we don't have to prove to anyone about our feelings towards people of color. Why should we continue on and on about what we do outside of this blog?

You don't know us personally.

So keep on typing your word vomit, anonymous users! You're not hurt me or S. Baldwin.

You are hurting the Republican Party. And believe me, they do a fine job of hurting themselves.

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