Tuesday, August 05, 2014

How Israelis Feel About Blacks And Obama!

The truth.

Controversial documentary filmmaker Max Blumenthal did this one over 5 years ago. The racist right exists in Israel. These are the people who sat at the edge of the hill watching the missiles fly right into the Gaza Strip.

This week brought international condemnation from global leaders after Israeli strikes on a U.N. sanctioned school killed 10 people. The U.N. told Israel more than once that civilians were seeking shelter there. The Israeli military didn't give a fuck. They claim that the far right militant group Hamas was firing from near there.

The United States has came out with the strongest condemnation of this conflict.

And of course, the conservative agitators went right into their attack mode. First after Secretary of State John Kerry, then the U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and of course President Barack Obama.

That annoying ass conservative agitator (by the way helped Obama win) was over in Israel trying to do this shuck and jive about how the Israelis being "victims".

Of course having a missile shield, military arms, aid from global powers, a media that supports you regardless of the potential war crimes committed, and yes that guy helped Israel gain support here in the United States.

But so far, the support is declining. At first you used to think that Israel deserved the right to defend itself.

But now I am almost certain that those in the West Bank and Gaza Strip deserve sovereignty and a right to defend itself too. I mean the Gaza Strip land mass is just as big as Detroit, Michigan. The Gaza Strip and West Bank believe that the Israeli government continues to agitate them by building settlements on their lands.

The Gaza Strip deserves the right to demand an end to the blockade. They deserve a right to get aid from global powers. They deserve the right to have military arms, nuclear powers and a right to exist.

Does that mean I'm anti-Semitic?

Okay here's how the racist right Israelis reacted to the election of Barack Obama.

Be warned this contains disturbing language and offensive themes.

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